Friday, 11 January 2008

It's Friday!!!

It's Friday...and that means it's SweatLab night!! I was still lagging in energy a bit, but I was feeling better than I had. A good sign.

I was happy to be going - it's such a great workout and a great social event! I'm glad I didn't know what was in store for me before I got there though!!!

Ross gave us a target average watts to aim for for the first 45 minutes. The course had a downhill, then flats, then a climb for the end. My target was 102 watts. It felt easy, to be honest, but my heartrate was where IronGreg wanted me to be, so I kept it going.

Ross then told me that for the next set I was going to ride for 20 minutes at the next target watts, then for the last 25 minutes I was going to have to go as hard as I could in a threshold test. Uhm, hellloooo, there is a HILL at the end!!! Yipes.

The first 20 minutes my target was 108 watts. Which I did, while keeping my heart rate at 135 bpm. Then it was go time. I basically just started pedaling hard and fast. I hoped I didn't go out too hard cause I had 25 minutes...but at the same time I didn't want to slack off.

I got into a pretty good groove on the flats. Ross was yelling out for me to keep going and give him a couple more watts. As I got to the target he would ask for two more, haha. Dani was wonderful as she was riding beside me and could cheer me on the most. (The rest of the gang was carrying on with their ride - I was the only one doing a test.) I rode hard, that's for sure.

Then I got to the hill. Holy shite!! I have no idea at what time this was...I think maybe I had 15 minutes left? I didn't want to look at the screen - I just looked ahead and focused on the task at hand. In essence I sort of zoned out. I had was starting to hurt. haha.

The end of the test was so hard. I was pedaling as fast as I could and pushing as hard as I could. My quads were burning and I really needed some water. The gang kept me going though. It was great!!

I can honestly say by the time I got to the 45 minute mark I was done. I gave it everything I had without a doubt. I've never wanted to puke after a hard workout...but this time I did. Dani and Lisa told me to keep pedaling when I was done, so I did....the waves of nausea were rolling though. Thankfully, I didn't hurl. I know Dani was grateful! haha. When the nausea feeling subsided I got a little light headed. Hmmm...

Guess what?! WE WEREN'T DONE FOR THE NIGHT!! haha. I still had 40 minutes to go. Ross said to just go easy for the first 20 minutes...uh yeah, don't have to tell me that twice, I did. Then I was to try and get an average of 120 watts for the last 25 minutes. As hard as I tried my legs did not want to do that though. So I did the best I could. As it was my heartrate was where I wanted it anyways!

It was a great workout. My legs were friggin killing me after, but sometimes its fun to go hard till ya wanna puke, haha. Yup, I must be the right person to do Ironman with that kind of attitude, haha.

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  1. I'd of hurled. No doubt in my mind at all.