Saturday, 19 January 2008

Frozen Eyeballs and Snotscicles...

When I woke up this morning I called Esther to see if she wanted to go for a run. She'd been suffering from a cold so I wasn't sure how she'd be feeling this morning. It was then she informed me she wasn't feeling well enough to go, but also that there was a fair amount of snow outside.

Whaaa?! Snow? Suhweeeet!

Now I'm thinking that most people would have stayed in bed bundled up in their blankies, all hunkered down and passed on running. Me on the other hand....I love snow and was excited to head out into the winter wonderland.

Originally I was supposed to go out xcountry skiing, but the plans fell through. With the snowfall we had last night I was able to play in the snow without going to the mountains. Not that running around in the snow here is as nice as the mountains - but it would have to do.

I was going to go to the gym after my run so I started out from there and ran along the river. Some of the snow on the path had been compacted by others walking their dogs etc. But once I got past that part of the path I was trudging through about 3 inches of snow. I kept thinking to myself, 'I wonder what all the triathletes in California etc would think of us crazy Canucks getting our run in in so much snow?!' haha. Personally I think it makes us tougher.

Well, at least I thought I was tough, until I looked up and a snowflake dive bombed my eyeball. My thoughts immediately after the snowflake incident went like this: OW!!! HOLY HANNAH I FROZE MY EYEBALL!! I froze my damn eyeball! Holy crap. I'm blind. I've been blinded by a snowflake!! Okay, just try to blink... Okay, blinking. Good. Damn that eye is watering like crazy. Wait! What if my eye freezes shut now?? Well for crying out loud how the hell can a wee snowflake cause so much chaos??

Of course I continued running while all this was happening. I'm happy to report that I neither froze my eyeball (I figured that out when I realized if I could feel the pain then I mustn't have frozen my eyeball...), nor did I go blind.

There was less drama for the rest of the run, although I was having a bit of an issue with snotscicles. Now don't tell me you've never suffered from a snotscicle! You know, that thing when your nose is sooo cold that you can't really tell you have snot hanging down till you kinda notice something waving in the wind?? If that thing hanging down is a bit frozen...well then, you have a snotscicle!! They can be somewhat embarassing, but fun at the same time. Cause if it's hanging down, then it's time to blow it out really hard! LOL.

Ah yes, the fun that can be had running in the cold and snow. Haha!

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