Sunday, 27 January 2008

Holy...That Went Fast!!!

I had a really short bike ride today - just 1:15 hrs. (Yes Jenna, that's mega short - just you wait!!) I chatted with IG last night and he recommended doing 5 minute intervals. One interval of a heart rate at 120-125 bpm, alternating with a heart rate of 130-140 bpm.

After a 20 minute warmup I started in on the intervals. It wasn't hard to get my heart rate up, but getting it down was another thing, haha. I was trying hard to keep my cadence up, but also had to switch from my big chainring to my little chainring in order to drop my heartrate enough.

I have to say the time just flew by! The intervals were great. I'd like to throw them in now and then, but I still think my favourite bike workout is just holding a certain pace at a certain heart rate. I'm finding this to be the most challenging workout I have, both mentally and physically. It's exactly what I need to help me achieve my goals at IMCDA...

Still, I am not going to complain about having a 'fast' workout now and then, haha. It was a nice break!


  1. 1:15??? That's barely time for a workout now. It's almost not worth getting the shorts all sweaty.

    Amazing how things change.

  2. Ok...well - let us not get tooo damn silly this early in the game!!!

  3. oh nd you said "I'll trade you your snow for our -44C weather. Brrrr...." well we had the snow AND -50 so i really have nothing to trade unless you wanna trade your warm weather for what Greg calls minus bullshit :)

  4. Hi! I had to go back and read you IM post from last year - NICE JOB!!! Pharmie and I did IM WI in Sept.

    Catch ya on the blogosphere!...