Sunday, 20 January 2008

Ironman - The Lifestyle...

I got on the bike today for my endurance ride. To give me a little boost and keep me company during my ride, I popped in the 'Ironman Kona 2004' DVD. The first time I watched this I was just about to do my second sprint triathlon. Ironman wasn't even a glimmer in my eye.

It was interesting to watch it now, after I'd completed my first Ironman. So many thoughts filled my mind. Last year all I wanted was to finish - this year I have a goal. A time goal. One which will remain between me, IronGreg and the Iron Gods and Godesses.

At one point, the announcer made the statement 'Ironman is a lifestyle'. It's so true. When I first got into triathlon I immersed myself in it, just as I have done with many other things in my life. Some of my friends couldn't understand why I would commit so much time to an activity or a race where I wouldn't 'win' or even be in the top of my age group. Sometimes I ask myself that question. Then I think of that statement, and for me it's very true. This is my lifestyle and I make no apologies for it - even if I never achieve more than mid-pack status.

So with that mindset in place, I pedaled my legs off for the remainder of my workout. Regardless if I'd always be a mid-packer, I was going to work my arse off because every little bit helps!

The last 50 minutes were the most challenging, mentally and physically. I was up for the challenge though. I know what I need to do in order to attain all my goals this year. I achieved what I wanted to today and felt great about it at the end - even if my legs desperately wanted to be stretched and massaged. One of the bonuses of triathlon training - no matter how big or small the goal of the day may be, reaching it gives you an amazing rush!

Who wouldn't want to have this lifestyle?!

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  1. Hey!! I can't BELIEVE you planted the seed about the rotten egg smell at Stony and how I will be wondering what might be oozing from the pipes ....Evil girl!!! I hope a floating bandaid AND some stringy hair catch you sometime!!