Saturday, 5 January 2008

Glide! Glide! Glide!

First things first...CHECK OUT MY NEW TOQUE!!

Purple WITH skull and crossbones! I love it. Esther found it for me and I just HAD to buy it in time for our second xcountry ski outing. haha.

Today was another ski day. Joanne, Esther and I headed back out to KCountry - this time to Boulton Creek. It was a bit overcast today, but the snow was soo bright it didn't matter!

Esther had a favourite route she liked to take so off we went. I immediately liked this trail better than the one we were at on Thursday. Not to say that that wasn't awesome, I like that trail, but this one was spectacular! It is a single track that follows a creek through the trees. It was something out of the movies - like Narnia! All trees had little puffs of snow on their branches!

I wasn't sure how I would feel after last nights workout. My legs felt a wee bit tired, but overall I wasn't too bad. Of course this was just the start, haha.

We followed the path along till the next junction. I had been voted the person to determine the direction to follow as Joanne and Esther admitted they weren't the best at navigation. Needless to say, I had to tease them about this. I would learn that perhaps the Universe doesn't like teasing...

We continued or way along this wonderful path for about an hour. We were trying to practice our skiing techniques that Joanne showed us. There were a lot of rolling hills through the first bit, so it was hard to do, but then we got to one section where we could glide, glide, glide! So we went, went, went till we got to an opening that over looked a valley. We could barely make out the surrounding mountains, but it was still gorgeous. There were some benches there so we decided this would be a great place for some grub.

We sat for a short time...till the wind kicked up...then it was time to get moving before we turned into popsicles. I was cooling down quite a bit so I picked up the pace. I think I really am getting the hang of the glide now! Finally we got to the next junction. And that's where we, well I as I was the first to look at the map, realized we were back to a trail just above where we started!! LOL. Yup, the Universe decided to play a little joke on Susi and showed me it's not nice to tease people who are navigationally challenged! haha

Esther really wanted to take us to the Fox Creek trail so we turned tail and retreated back to from whence we came as the trail we wanted was halfway back. It didn't take us too long before we found the junction we needed and got on track. Finally we were on the Fox Creek trail that Esther had been talking about. It was great! More single track through the trees, which was awesome. I loved being out there.

The next bit of trail we came out to was double track and much busier. It was also a slow, steady incline up, up, and more up. By the time we got to the next point, Joanne and I were ready to start heading back. We'd been skiing about 2.5 hours by then and I was starting to feel my workout from the night before. Not tired legs per se...just an overall reduction in energy. At least it was going to be down for the next bit!!

The slight downhill was all I needed to get my energy back. Not to mention Joanne's singing, haha. I started it off with singing the first few lines of 'A Few Of My Favourite Things' from the Sound of Music. I can never remember the rest of the words even though I love that song, but Joanne knew them so started singing. It was GREAT! Anyone skiing up would see three chicks with huge smiles on their faces zipping downhill, while one of them is singing.
Unfortunately for Esther, who I might add wanted to keep going up at the top of the other hill, haha, her energy was slipping. Joanne and I wanted to go back up through the other trail and Joanne assured Esther there was no more up, haha. This was not to be though. (Amazing how quick we forget.) She had to bribe Esther up the hills with cookies, haha. Each hill we'd hit I'd wait to hear Joanne say 'It's just a little pimple Esther' then Esther would yell 'JOANNE!!' haha. It was hilarious and it kept us smiling still.

Eventually we were back at the car. Total ski time about 4 hours. I was tired, but felt awesome at the same time. It was a great day with great friends on a beautiful trail - you can't ask for more than that!!

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