Thursday, 17 January 2008

The Highlights...

With my new schedule I'm unable to keep up a daily blog as in the past. So from now on I'll be submitting a highlight reel of sorts! Little dribs and drabs from the week or the odd story of something neat that has happened or perhaps major breakthroughs.

So what's happened so far this week?! Well now...let's see...

On Tuesday I had a great swim. In addition to working on my 'sustained power', I managed to swim on top of someone. Yup, you read that correctly. Now, now, you Cheeky Monkeys - it's nothing like THAT. I was swimming the backstroke. Just making my merry way along - staring at the ceiling, reaching, keeping the core stable...trying not to snort water. You know, the usual. The next thing I know the small of my back is touching another body and I am getting kicked from underneath me!!

How'd that happen, you ask? Well, I really don't know other than to say it came down to timing. See, Kerry was in front of me using the kickboard, and as I was looking up at the ceiling with my ears under water (and with earplugs) so I neither saw nor heard that he was right there. I guess his legs were hanging low so I managed to swim over top of them until his backside was nestled in the small of my back and I got kicked. haha. Oh, and I managed not to hit him with my arms either. Like I said, it was all about the timing.

We both got a good chuckle out of it! I was very grateful too that he didn't kick me hard!

Later that evening I had my bike class. I was feeling the workout in my legs, but my heart rate wasn't showing it....Now folks, here's a lesson to learn - listen to your heart. No, not in some schmoozy Harelquin romance kind of way, I mean when it's low and you feel you are working - it's trying to tell you something. At the time I didn't know what it was trying to tell me. But as I was driving home and trying not to vomit - I finally got it. AHA! Something wasn't right.

I managed not to vomit in my car, phew, but did have a little 'core session', shall we say, when I got home. Ew. Why that happened, I know not. I think that rather than the flu, it was my wonderful IBS causing some problems. Urgh.

The next day was much better however as I got some nifty gifts from Mum. (Not for any particular reason really, other than I'm an only child and spoiled - so sue me.) First off she gave me a safety vest made by Fuel Belt. Needless to say, it's exceptionally bright. She knows I'm running around outside in the evenings now and was worried I wouldn't be seen....well that's not going to be a problem with this thing on! I wore it tonight when I ran and vehicles actually gave me a bit of room. Well, some of them at least. Damn trucks....

The other thing I got was a running cap with - this is great - a built in LED in the front brim!!!! Way too cool - I know! No more wearing my headlamp! Although my Mum is, (sorry Mum), ahem, technologically challenged (do NOT let her near a computer!) she always seems to find the coolest gadgets!

The cap was awesome, although there is one thing that I have to be aware of.... As mentioned, the LED is in the if I look straight ahead I can see the bottom of the LED in the middle of the brim...which makes my eyes tend to wander upwards...leaving me running and looking cross-eyed at my brim. haha. Not the best thing for my eyes or for my running technique!! Still it's a very skookum gift and I'm very thankful for it!! I just have to keep looking down. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing when you are running along a path in the dark!

On my way home I was sure the people in the cars driving toward me were wondering what the hell it was coming towards them up the hill. What with me in my mega-flourescent vest, LED cap and all. It was then that the thought struck me...

What if the people in the cars were like bugs and were attracted to the light?! They could become mesmorized and start driving towards me! Yikes!!! Obviously none did...or I wouldn't be writing my blog, haha.

Me and my vivid imagination!!!


  1. Given how close we were at spin class, I'm glad I didn't know how you were feeling wrt the "core session". And this not blogging every day???? WTF?! NOT ACCEPTABLE SUSI!!! I need my fix. What do you mean you can't haul a laptop around with you all the time, and write when you're on the LRT? You're only hauling around workout gear for 3 different sports and work stuff already, what's another 5 pounds for a laptop? There, that's my chain yanking for the day. (big grin.)

    I simply must go running with you one of these days to see the entire getup. Sounds quite impressive. Naturally the "running with" part would only last a few minutes, then you'd be over the horizon with me eating your dust.

  2. but Keith - you would still see her for fricking MILES!!! I wanna see a pciture of her all glowing and bright!!!

  3. Have no fear my friend....I am in complete control of my vomiting tendancies. Not that I have them often I should add....

    One day I'll share my projectile vomit story. heh heh...