Saturday, 26 January 2008

Lunch at the Lake...

I had a great ski day today. I went with the two Jo-anne's to K country. We started out on a similar route as taken before, along some gorgeous single track set in the trees. The sun was fighting to get out and I was hoping it would - it was a bit cool in there!

When we got to Elk Pass trail we decided to take another trail that would take us to Upper Kananaskis Lake. First though we had to climb up one fairly steep hill, then ski down another very, very steep hill. The three of us kind of stood there at the top of it for a bit wondering just how steep this hill turned a corner so we couldn't see down. Gulp...

The top of it sure as hell looked steep!! I kept thinking, I have a race that's really important to me and can't afford to break or stretch something beyond it's stretchability! Then I thought, I can't afford not to go down, because if I don't, I'll be letting my fears govern what I do. Crap!! Why do I have to always be thinking thoughts like that?! Fine!, I thought, I'll go down!! haha. So off we went, one by one.

I just took it slow and easy until I got around the corner and saw it flattened out a wee bit, then I let myself pick up a bit of speed. I saw Jo-anne had stopped at the end of the one section, so I thought it was flatter than it was. I snowplowed a bit, then went into the trackset again. It wasn't flat though and I was picking up even more speed...Shite.

At the bottom of the track I could see three women standing there looking at the trail sign. Thankfully they looked up and saw the 'GET THE HELL OUT OF THE WAY!' look on my face and did so. It wasn't that I couldn't stop at the bottom, it was just that they were standing right where I'd have to hit the brakes where the track ended! I needed that space! We got a good chuckle out of the whole thing.

Finally we got down to the lake where we could eat some grub. It wasn't that bad out, the sun was peaking out a bit more and the wind, thankfully, had died down.

As we ate we were being stalked by WhiskeyJacks. They are almost like Puss'N'Boots in Shrek with their big fluffly bodies and begging eyes. You'll be proud of me though, I did not break down and share my rice and lentil lunch!! I tried to get a pic of the scoundrels, but they wouldn't let me. Likely afraid they'd see their faces in the post office the next day with the caption 'Wanted For Begging'!.

We finished up our lunch fairly quickly as we were cooling down quite a bit. We then took another route back to the parking lot. It has been fun skiing the last few times, taking new routes and seeing where they end up. The snow was great again and I got some awesome speed. I'm start to kick some serious butt with this xcountry skiing thing! Hmmm, dare I say that IG is correct and that all this consistent biking will pay off?!

Naaah. Don't want his head to get to big or anything - then he won't be able to fit through any doors!! LOL. Although perhaps it would help his buoancy in the swim??


  1. Totally teasing of course!!! haha.

    I guess I shouldn't as you actually have been swimming lately...