Sunday, 6 January 2008

A New Setup...

My IMCDA schedule called for a 90 minute bike today. My bod was pretty tired from the bike and ski the last couple of days, but I was happy to be back on a schedule!

I was adjusting my trainer while thinking to myself, I do not want to carry my bike and trainer to the basement. It's just a pain! I thought about this for a bit, then thought, hmmmm, the kitchen! See, there is a spot in my kitchen were I can look out the back window, which looks onto my cherished mountains! Also, I could have a counter on either side of me to put refreshments and my computer (for tunes). Brilliant.

So that's where I set up everything. It worked out quite well. I could even chat online a smidge to IronGreg and get encouragement to hang in there...I was kind of needing it after a bit, haha.

My heartrate was great, but damn, my legs were friggin tired. It was all I could do to keep a cadence of 90rpm. IG said I should work at a level where I could keep going after the 90 minutes...Riiiight. haha. Okay, I kept the intensity to a point where I could have gone on...but my legs did not want to continue! I got the 90 minutes done though!

I know it will take a while for me to get my body used to training more than a couple times a week, but I'm not worried. It will happen soon enough!! I have to just keep at it.

So let's take a look back at the week:

Run: 1 hour
Bike: 4.5 hours
Xcountry Ski: 7 hours

Total training time: 12.5 hours. (A little high for the first week back, but it was worth it to get so much skiing in!).

Good thing tomorrow is my day off, I think my shoulders and legs need a wee rest.

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