Thursday, 27 December 2007

Ahhhh, Fresh Air!!!

Well, for not being 'officially' in training, and for it being the holiday season, I think I'm doing quite well getting some exercise in here and there! Today I even doubled up!! Will be good practice for the new year!

In the morning I went to the gym and did a wee weight lifting and punching bag session. Was the usual upper body workout, then some kick/punch combos with the bag. (Love doing that now!!)

Then for the afternoon I took the parental unit to the mountains to meet up with Esther, David and her family to do a little bit of cross country skiing!!

Dad hadn't been in a looong time, and it'd been a few years for Mum, but they were quite excited about trying it out again. We got them all set up with rental gear then headed out to the tracked ski area. I was a little bit worried about Dad at he seemed to be just pushing himself along with his poles. 'Uh, Dad, just kind of take this....' haha. But he was doing just fine.

We made sure all was well, then Esther and I headed it out. We skied for about a half hour when my stomach demanded sustenance! So we turned around and headed back to the day lodge. The day lodge that didn't have food or even vending machines! WTF?? Good thing I brought an energy bar...although I did beg for some GORP for Mum and Dad, LOL. As we skied back we saw Mum and Dad making there way along the track. They were doing great! Not that I had any concerns they wouldn't - afterall I got my stubborn determination from somewhere!! haha.

As we were inside having a snack, the parental unit returned. In one piece thankfully. We all sat and had a chat then a group of us went out again. After a very short competition trying to get up the first incline as soon as possible (I'm surprised my heart stayed in my chest cavity!), Esther, Mum and I stuck together for quite a while, then Mum headed back.

Esther and I did this nice loop around the area. It turned out to be a beautiful (albeit chilly) day. There was blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Surrounding us were snow capped mountains and tons of wonderful trees. At one point I stopped and said to Esther 'Aaaah, can you smell that??' (No, I didn't fart, although that wouldn't be an unreasonable assumption, LOL) It was the trees that I could smell, the scent of pine and cold mountain air. Esther was teasing me that I should go hug a tree as I was gushing over it all, haha.

Yet another moment where you stop and say 'I am sooo thankful to be in this place!!' And a moment where Esther and I stopped and thought, hey, we should come up here and take skate ski lessons!!! haha.

So that's what we are looking at doing in the new year! It will be a great substitute for running and as we have snow around - why not play in it?!

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