Saturday, 29 December 2007

Double Duty...

I did double duty today - went for an hour run then hit the gym for about 45 minutes. It felt great!

I will start my IMCDA training officially in the new year - which is not too far off - but already I've promised IronGreg that I would run at a HR of 130-140. The other day I couldn't seem to get my HR down, but this time I was able to. It was actually a really nice pace to run at and it allowed me to run with my buddy Esther, who is just getting back into the running scene.

It was a beautiful run along the river. Running at such a slow pace too we were able to gab the whole time...which is one of the things Esther and I do best!! LOL. I am putting my faith in IronGreg that my body will slowly get faster (hmm, that sounds funny) while my heart rate stays low. I really hope so!! The pace was great...but I want to be faster this year!

On our way back to the gym we ran into many cute dogs (I love running through the dog park!). Two stood out for sure, Clutch (who I think is a bull mastiff - one of my favourite dogs) and Nacho (a french bulldog I think). Clutch and I had an instant crush on each other - he was ADORABLE! Huge and slobbering - he even managed to give me a big wet kiss, haha. Nacho was a doll and decided she wanted to run with Esther and I when we left. I was ready to snatch them both up and run away with them!

The gym continues to feel great. I've been focusing on the upper body as I have to get my shoulders stronger. The gym was a bit busier than normal - I know it's going to get even worse in the new year! I noticed the gym is open up at 5am in the new I might have to hit it then!

Hmmm....what to do tomorrow?? LOL.


  1. Shoulders. Stronger. hmmmm. yup. If you say so. Won't argue. Not me.

  2. Happy New Year darlin!!!! Here we go ....