Thursday, 20 December 2007

Ai Matey!!!

Swim day today!!! I was most excited for a couple of reasons - a) I got to wear my new swim cap that is black with a white skull and crossbones on it (i have a fetish with the pirate flag, haha) and 2) the swim group was going to go for a coffee/tea after.

Today's swim was about endurance. We started out with the usual 200 m swim / 200 m kick / 200 m pull. Then we did 750 m swim / 500 m pull /300 m kick.

My goal for this swim was to focus on technique and maintain power. In fact, my mantra was 'sustained power'. It seemed to help. I felt strong from start to finish. Sure there were moments where I could feel I wasn't pushing as hard...but I would catch myself and get back into right away. It felt really good.

When I was about half way through the 500 m pull, I felt a little tickling on my toes. Mo was right behind me and hitting my feet for fun. Then next thing I knew she just grabbed on! LOL. It was really hard not to snort water as I started laughing. I pulled her for a quarter length. It was was hilarious. Gotta have some fun during these endurance swims!!

Oh, I did notice a residual pain from my sledding trip - my neck has been a wee bit kinked since the ride. Well I got into the pool for the warm up, went to take a breath by turning my head to the left...and found it would only go so far before, OUCH! haha. It was a bit sore but slowly worked it's way out. Phew!

The year is coming to an end, but I feel I'm getting my strength and power back....just in time to start IMCDA training in January!


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  1. I want a swim cap with a little, no, a great big shark fin coming out the top!