Tuesday, 25 December 2007


So I'll be the first to admit it....I'm not a big fan of Christmas. In fact, I typically write it 'Xmas', haha. Why you ask?? Well, because I truly hate the commercialism of it all. The commercialism is all about getting, getting, getting. Luckily though, I surround myself with people who are more about the giving part of Christmas, this includes my parental unit.

They have been here since last Friday and I'm loving their visit...but I'm an only child and sometimes need a little 'Susi Alone Time'. So this morning I headed out for a Christmas run.

What a beautiful day for a run!! It was mild out and sunny. I put on the headset and started out. My plan was just to run as long as I felt like it....although I figured I wouldn't go longer than an hour as I had some food to make for dinner!

I felt great running today. My heart rate was a bit high, and I'm not sure why because I'm sure my Grannybear could have walked faster than my pace, haha. After a while I stopped looking at my HRM and just had fun running and listening to tunes. I swear, this is the best type of run to do....just go, run, listen to tunes, and enjoy being outside!!

My run was about 1:02 in length. I even ran up the beast!! Hmmm, should I start counting down till the official IMCDA training starts??

Anyhoo, I hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas and were as lucky as I was to be able to spend it with family and friends!!!

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