Sunday, 9 December 2007


So last night I went to an 'Ironman' party. Was awesome - everyone in Cochrane who was in IMC and their families were there. Three people made up DVDs with pictures and video of all of us that were in the race. It was SO awesome reliving the day. Well, until they got to the part where I was shaking my bootie to 'Baby Got Back' as sung by my coaches kids. I did this on the very first part of the run at IMC. I DIDN'T KNOW I WAS BEING FILMED FOR CYRING OUT LOUD!!!!

Typical Susi - do something embarassing that 50 people get to watch. Is all good though - I made people laugh - you can't do better than that!

So after watching all this Ironman hoopla all I want to do is another Ironman! As the days get nearer and nearer to January my excitement to start training for IMCDA builds. BRING IT!

This excitement got me off the couch today and back into the gym. I decided it would be a leg day. I did a 15 minute warm up on the treadmill - then got to it. First up - squats. I couldn't remember how much weight I used to have on so I started out with 20 lbs on each side. I should add that it totally sucks that I lift such light weights now, haha. I used to be able to have a 45 lb plate on each side! Gone are the days of the great weight!

I managed to get one set of 12 done - but it was hard. I realized I had to drop the weight down further. RATS! The next set I made it to about the 6th rep when I could feel it...well...feel them. My muscles -hammies, adductors and glutes - go ZING!!!! All at once. In unison. OW! Shite! I hate when that happens. No, this is not something new. It happens whenever I go back in the gym and work too hard on the first set. So much for the treadmill warmup, haha. Will I ever learn?! Uh, no. haha.

I managed to finish the set - because I'm stubborn - and even tried a third set - because I'm also stupid. haha. I didn't push the third set though. Went on to do some deadlifts next. I made sure the weight was basically nil and only did a couple of sets. I could feel it, but it wasn't a zing like on the squats.

I finished the workout with some step-ups (they didn't hurt) and some shoulder work. I have to get my shoulder muscles stronger for the season. I noticed they hurt during the end of the season when the endurance was increased in my swim. I also felt it on the bike when I was in the aero position. Not this year!

Should be interesting to see if I can get out of bed tomorrow morning, haha. On that note, perhaps I'll do a wee bit of stretching!!


  1. And you gave me royal hell when I overdid it once early in the game. Then here you are, thinking you're still 25 (instead of the 29 that we all know you are) and a full-fledged gym rat pumping the big weights and impressing all the boys.

  2. yeah - slow down there irongurl!!!

    :) I would love to see the movie - I hope you got a copy!!