Thursday, 6 December 2007

Tag - You're It!!!

Managed to get to the swim this morning - phew! No alarm mishaps this morning, nope! Did a warm up of 200 m swim / 200 m kick / 200 m pull buoy. I felt GREAT right away. A good start for sure!

I gotta say, after having to take some time off to get some health issues in order, and just to take a break from the year, my workouts since haven't been too bad. My bike on Tuesday felt really good and today my swim felt great. My technique was there even better than before. Just another reminder that breaks in training are good!

So after our warm up we did a 500 m time trial. My time was 9:58 minutes. I was really hoping to be closer to 9 minutes. This is all good though. It reminded me of another goal I have for next year....

See, I've been filling out my 2008 goals for Coach IronGreg and thinking about what I'd like to improve upon from this year. I think my biggest goal (other than getting my guts in order, haha) is having sustained power over a long period of time. My background is weight lifting - i.e. short bursts of power. I've been doing that for 20 years trying to get the body to do something different is going to take a while. My other goal, that I remembered this morning and which ties into the above goal, is that I would like to push my comfort zone. (The comfortably uncomfortable zone...)

Actually, IronGreg came up with another way to word it - 'expanding my comfort zone'. Sounds less painful, haha. My first year of triathlon (2006), I was just getting used to swimming and biking. This year, I was getting used to swimming/biking and running for an Ironman distance. So, I did the distances, but didn't really push to sustain power or anything. Heck, one can only do so much!! haha. This year though...this year will be all about expanding my comfort zone so I can really hold the power. Let's face it, it's going to hurt doing that. haha. So I'm going to start mentally preparing myself now. In January, I will concentrate on pushing that 'comfortably uncomfortable zone'. Will be interesting to see what happens!!

But I digress...back to swimming this morning. To finish things up we did a fun little exercise - relays! We were to swim as fast as possible for one length doing front/back or breast stroke, then tag the swimmer who was waiting. I love sprints so it was a total hoot! Coach Jen said that when we do the front stroke we should try not to breathe....hmmmm....she really is trying to drown us!! I managed to swim all out with only taking three breaths. We did this for about 10 minutes so I managed to get in a few turns at all three strokes. Unfortunately my timing for breathing and splashing water during the back stroke didn't work out. Yup, you got it, water enema up the sinuses. Damn! haha.

The very last thing we did was some sculling with pull buoys. Mo and I were having a little much as one can race when you are moving about a millmeter at a time, haha. Next thing I know she's behind me and holding onto my toes so I could 'tow' her along, haha. It was hilarious!

See IronGreg - there IS much fun to be had at the just have to get there!! Tee Hee.

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