Saturday, 22 December 2007

The Elves Parade...

Met up with the gang for our usual Saturday run this morning. The awesome thing was that Joanne brought Santa and Elf hats for everyone to wear!!! What a great idea! Especially as it was a nippy -15C outside. Brrrrr....

I, of course, grabbed an elf hat with bell - hell if you are going to look silly you might as well sound silly too!!

I'm sure the townspeople were wondering 'what the hell....' as they drove by, but we all had fun with it.

I didn't go for too long of a run as the parental unit are in town for the holidays. I got just under an hour in. As is typical, the big group split into mini groups and so Sue, Trish and I ran together for a bit. I wasn't staying out long so bid the girls adieu and turned back after 1/2 hour.

I was running along by myself when I realized something wasn't quite right....everything was serene and peaceful...something was missing. Ah yes! My bell!! It must have flipped up and stopped ringing. Well I couldn't let that happen, so gave it a shake and ran merrily along back to the cafe jing, jingling. haha.

Twas a good start to the day!

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