Saturday, 17 November 2007


Went for a short run today - just over an hour. Mind you I stopped to pet a really cute looking pug, in addition to a very chatty orange tabby cat, so actual running time was likely an hour. What's the point of running if you can't stop and pet animals?!

The run was really nice, just along the town's pathways. I ran with Sue and Trish for 30 minutes, then turned around and ran back on my own as they were going a little longer today.

I felt pretty good for the most part, although I noticed my heart rate was a wee bit high. I have GOT to stop running in 'the junk zone'!! Practice, practice, practice.

When I got back to the cafe, the usual suspects were there. As I was chatting away, Lisa came in with my spiffy new shoes. These are the shoes that I will wear for a few runs then do my second guinea pig test in. I put them on, then immediately proceeded to jump up an down...yup, I definitely can jump higher in theses shoes. I swear! Afterall, they are called 'Bounce'. In fact, everyone in the cafe could see I jumped higher, haha. Actually they are super cool looking, as you can see in the picture below. How they will feel running....well now....that's to be determined....


  1. Sigh. I had the chance to join Susi's group running this am, and I passed on it for what seemed like good reasons at the time. But I missed out. Sigh. And yes, MAP. (Ask Susi, she knows what that means.)

    Glad you had a great run. So nice the critters don't run from you when come along. Orange tabbies are my total fave cats.

  2. ok - dying to hear the shoe review ....i ran for an hour too - what is the junk zone? i left all equipment at home (aka the HR monitor and garmin ) and ran about 11 km ....just cause:)