Thursday, 8 November 2007

Where Is All This Red Fluff From?!

I didn't get to swim this morning as I have to let the stitches in my arm heal a bit. No need to worry about the stitches....although I did tell Keith they were due to a treadmill mishap, which he believed cause that would be something that would have happened to me - they are actually from some very minor surgery I had yesterday.

So no swim stories to share. I do; however, have some more lab rat stories! First off, OW!!! My nose is bruised! Now I know you are thinking, "What the heck - her nose??? How would she have hurt her nose on the treadmill?? Unless of course she DID fall and didn't tell us...that shifty little.... "

No, no, it wasn't due to the the treadmill. It was from the oxygen mask! My wonderful, royal dutch nose is pretty darned solid. Seriously. I'm talking so hard I'm sure I could crush things with it. It's just skin and rock solid bone. Well, then a bit of a flare and cartiledge at the nostrils, but that was a given! Okay, back to the nose. I was having troubles achieving negative pressure on the oxygen mask, likely because of my strong sturdy boney nose. We positioned it a few times and got it pretty good...but the plastic that formed the mask wasn't as soft as it could have been. It was a bit uncomfortable during the run, and today it is bruised. haha. My poor nose! It doesn't help that I wear glasses and the bridge of the glasses is riiiiight where the bruise is, haha. No worries, we're tough and shall survive.

Another thing I forgot to mention yesterday was how they stuck all that stuff on me. One of the adhesives used to stick electrodes and balls on me was called 'medical glue'. Now at one point, Lisa called it 'SUPER glue'. She laughed it off and corrected herself, but I'm now starting to wonder...I seem to have sticky areas that still have red fluff and blue fluff stuck to it. AND YES I SHOWERED THIS MORNING!! It still wouldn't come off though....even with scrubber gloves. Sigh. Medical glue indeed, I think Super Glue is likely what it was! I should mention it took me a bit to figure out where the hell the red fluff came from...then I remembered the red fleece shirt I was wearing last night. (The blue is from the shirt I'm wearing today.) Ohhhhhhh....

The second thing used to hold the many wires etc to me was medical tape. The fact that it held even with me perfusely sweating, or rather, uhm, glistening, should have been a clue. It wasn't so bad ripping it off some parts of my leg...but it would seem that I didn't quite shave close enough on the back of my leg. Let me just say this, I started to rip the tape off when I felt that distinct ripping, pulling, stinging sensation. At this point I thought, okay, here we go, just like Mum would do....1-2-3 RIPPPP!!! Mmpgfff....

You'd be so proud of me - I did not scream aloud! I did not scare all the students or researchers working. Instead my inner voice screamed a scream that any B Horror Flick director would have been be proud of. LOL. I'm ok though, I survived...

Now what I want to know the hell do women wax their friggin legs??? YEOOOOOW!


  1. I laughed so hard about the fluff that tears came to my eyes and my office mate looked at me weird... what a hoot! I have little swabs that I usually remember to give my subjects to take the residual goop off, but I guess I forgot for you... sorry!

    It's really great to see this science from your perspective. Thanks for sharing your blog with me! You're one tough chick : )

  2. Making someone laugh so hard they get tears makes my day! haha.

    I'm happy to be your lab rat any day. Was a really great experience!!

    Oh, and I still have a couple areas of glue on me. LOL.

  3. red fluff, blue fluff, all the fluff i see
    its from the super glue the scientist put on me .....

    red fluff , bluff fluff what colour will I see
    when i bend over and look behind my knee?

    Red fluff, blue fluff, oh i love the surprise
    when i look at someone, searching with their eyes

    for all my fluffy spots and the colours that they scream
    I am an athelete in training
    I'm fluffy :) never mean .... ok - obviously my headache caused some minor brain damage :)

  4. OMG Jenna you are BRILLIANT!!! haha. I love that. Must make sure Lisa sees it.