Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Goal Pace???

I sat there staring at my schedule. Contemplating. Processing. Chin in one hand, fingers of the other hand tapping the desk...tap, tap, tap.

On my schedule for today it was written "Run 90 - 150 minutes." The first 30 minutes were to be easy, then I was to run 50-60 min at my goal pace. Goal pace eh.... I'll assume this is my Ironman goal pace considering that's my next race.

Goal pace...tap, tap, tap. Ponder. Ponder. Hmm. Haaa.

Ok folks, let's be honest about this - my goal pace is pretty much anything that is not a crawl or a walk!! I walked last year at IMC and I really, really, really, really do not want to walk this year. My goal is to run aid station to aid station and walk through the aid stations. Of course, that was my goal last year.

This year will be different though. Granted I was forced to walk last year, not because I wasn't conditioned enough for the race, but because of uncontrollable circumstances. This year I'm stronger physically than last year and I'm for sure stronger mentally. So it will be exciting to see how the day unfolds.

The issue of my goal pace resolved, I decided to run at my 'low heart rate' pace. I would be ecstatic if I could hold this pace at IMCDA. In fact, if I can hold this pace you will see me shaking my bootie all over the finish line in true 'Baby Got Back' fashion! Oh, and doing the Snoopy Happy Dance...

I was a little tired when I got home from work. This was evident in the fact that I grabbed my mini travel tube of toothpaste and nearly smeared it in me pits. I was wearing a tank top and usually smear some body slick there so I don't chafe. I would have had minty smelling pits, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but managed to catch the error in time.

I ran along the path that winds it's way through some of the neighborhoods and follows the tree lines and river. It was a beautiful evening tonight - sunny and warm. I loved being out there. I listened to the birds singing and the river rushing by. Oh, and my keys. I had them in my top back pocket and they were jing-jing-a-linging. I managed to ignore them though and just hear the sounds of nature.

I was hoping to run to the dog park so I could get my fill of snuggling little four legged furry cuties along the way. Alas my run was shorter than usual so I didn't quite get there. I did manage to pet a couple of pups that were on a dual leash. Had we not stopped for a little hello they would have tripped me as the leash spanned the entire pathway!

The run went really well for the most part. I can feel my fitness and it's great. I love when you are this close to peak fitness. It's so amazing to run and feel strong and comfortable. Of course I plan on having my fitness peak on June 22, so it's ok that I wasn't 100% tonight.

I did have a wee niggly in my hip tonight. It sometimes crops up. I'll hit the gym a little bit and that should calm it down, as that's the one thing that typically helps it.

Hopefully everyone else was able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather too.

Peace out my friends.


  1. hmmm. All that thinking. Sounds like the gerbil got a workout too.

  2. She is now "the mountain goat" we all have to eat a mouthful of grass and bray at the cyclists on our long rides June 22nd. I think if we all do that, she'll definatly climb like one.

  3. i so love that! the mountain goat. tee hee. you know what i'll be thinking for 180 km! 'be the mountain goat. be the mountain goat'. lol.


  4. LOL!! I like that idea of a communal bray!!

    I love your descriptive blog entries -- they are so refreshing and honest. They always contain those little bits of universal experiences that everyone can relate too!

    I LOVE that feeling of peak fitness -- it makes all that hard work worth it! :) :)

  5. I LOL'ed when I read your beginning about chin in one hand...finger tapping with other. I am forever and a day doing that when reading blogs and pondering workouts, etc...too funny.

    Things are really coming together for you as you neary IMCDA!

    You are a Rock Star!

  6. Yes. Be a mountain goat. Perfect. But please, for the sake of the sanity of fellow racers - leave your jingle keys at home!!