Thursday, 19 June 2008

Wagons West!!! Oh, and South!!!

Today we embarked on our journey to Coeur d’Alene (CDA) where I would be participating in Ironman. I was a wee bit fidgety waiting for Greg to arrive with the rental van. The parental unit got a good chuckle out of my doing crunches on my fit ball to burn off energy.
The drive went quite smoothly. We saw a little black bear as well as some mountain sheep along the way; however there were no goats I’m afraid.

I would write more about the drive, but as always in planes, trains or automobiles – I fell asleep. Greg had teased me that I wouldn’t be able to stay awake till we got to Hwy 1, to which I replied in my best little girl voice ‘Can too!’. And I did! At least I did till we got about 500 m onto Hwy 1, then I fell asleep. I still win!

The times I was awake I’m sure I drove Greg nuts with my tunes. I was in an ‘Oldies’ mode because a) I like 50’s and 60’s tunes and b) I thought the parental unit would enjoy it too. We were grooving to Petula Clark, Aretha (love her!), Elvis and others. I was completely in my element singing and chair dancing madly along to James Brown’s ‘Sex Machine’ to the agony of everyone else in the van. Heh heh. Actually, I think I may have pulled a muscle from all the chicken head dancing I was doing.

Luckily, we weren’t slowed down too much by traffic. There were some moments through some small towns in Idaho, but nothing major. The towns here are quite beautiful and quaint. The towns are exactly what you would picture when someone states ‘small town America’. Complete with American flags and white picket fences.

We drove straight to the Resort area where registration was. Thankfully, we gained an hour so weren’t late for it. Greg, Mom and Dad headed off to the market place while I got all checked in. The volunteers here are great – full of energy, enthusiasm and fun. It’s not even race day yet! I filled out a bunch of ‘If I die or hurt myself really badly I promise not to sue anyone’ forms, as well as, ‘Please contact the following people if I should die or hurt myself really badly’.

Then I was weight – the scales totally lied I should point out! Then I had a gal yelling ‘Susi!!!’ at me and waving me over to get all my numbers and cap. Then she did the best thing ever….she put my Ironman competitor race band on. It’s official!! I’m doing this thing.
I headed out of the tent and found the gang. We walked around a bit, with Greg masterfully scoring all free things possible. Seriously, I need to take lessons. Then I bought a couple of souvenirs, got some pictures taken, then we headed out.

Next up was getting groceries and heading to the house that Greg, the parent unit, Andrew (who is racing), Tina, Leslie, Teresa and Michaela and I will be sharing. These are my posse. I couldn’t imagine doing a race without them! After getting settled in the rental home, which is to die for skookum I might add, we ate some food, then Greg, Andrew and I headed out for a ride of the run course.

All I can say about the run course is, HOLY HANNAH IT’S FRIGGIN GORGEOUS!!! For a good portion of the run, which will be two loops, you run along the lake. Seriously, it’s beautiful here. It seems relatively flat for the most part, with some wee inclines when you run in town.

As we were riding through one portion in town I was looking at this rather steep hill in front of me, then looking frantically for a green arrow on the ground which would indicate which direction the runners would go. I was very happy to see we turned left before the scary hill. Greg had to tease me about that of course.

Some of the houses along the run course are insane. Huge. Massive. So big one even had gargoyles on it. Gargoyles!! I love gargoyles actually, so was happy to see them.

It was starting to get dark so we headed back home. I was worried I’d catch crap from Mom because I wasn’t wearing my super reflective safety vest and we were not very visible. Then I thought of Greg’s Mom and pictured her giving me crud too. This made me pedal harder.
It felt great to get out for a bike ride. My stomach had been a wee bit nervous earlier and this was just what I needed to bring me back to reality and remind me that I’m strong and can do this.

I look forward to all that tomorrow brings!

Peace out my friends.

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