Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The Parental Unit Have Arrived!!!

The parental unit have arrived, the bags are packed, the food is in boxes and I'm good to go!

Just one more sleep before we hit the road. Greg will be picking us up with the rental van at 6:30am, we'll pack everything up then hit the road!

I learned that the house we are staying in doesn't have internet, but I'll see if I can scoop some wireless somewhere so I can post on the blog.

Just in case I can't before race day, thanks to everyone for all their good thoughts and positive well wishes! They mean more to me than I could ever express. If things get tough, as they sometimes can in an Ironman, I will think of all the great things you wrote and get back in the groove!

Big hugs to everyone!

Peace out my friends!!


  1. Hey Susi...Sending you good thoughts and lots of energy this weekend! Will be thinking of you. And things only are tough for a little while so HANG IN THERE!!!

  2. OMG Susi!!!! The time is here and you are off!! YAY SUSI!!! I am sending you positive energy everyday right up to your race!!

    Have a great trip and some great family bonding as well!!! :):):)

    Good luck and have a GREAT RACE -- you OCK!!!

  3. I know this has been said many many many times but GOOOOOOOD LLLLUUUUUCCCCKKKK! (Again) Have an awesome day!

  4. I'm already looking foward to the Race Report! Giver Susi, you GO GIRL!!!

    Oh and the Universe wrote me saying they were fresh out of PASTE!! The special for sunday is a main course of Strength, Courage, Endurance, Perseverence, and Power. The desert is one big faaaaaaaaaaat DREAM REALIZED... again.

  5. Susi - texted me - Her dad and her are singing along to oldies and driving Greg nuts Just picture that big happy family slogging down the high way in a minivan :) ha!!!

  6. Hey Susie
    Jenna's Mom here. We will be thinking of you and sending positive energy. You are well trained and I just know you will be totally successful. See you in Penticton with Jen.

  7. Good luck Susi - have great Ironman experience and race!

    We'll be watching from the east coast online.

  8. Texted Susi. They're doing Elvis. Poor IG.