Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Do Coyotes Wag Their Tails???

Went for a run after work tonight. One thing that sucks about running at dinnertime is all you can smell is good food cooking, haha. This wouldn't be a problem, but I was soo hungry after work that I scarfed down a pack of Sharkies just so my stomach wouldn't be grumbling while I ran. Then when I was running all I could smell was yummy food....Sharkies just don't cut it sometimes!

Ahhh, the sacrfices one makes in order to squeeze her run in before eating as she has to get to bed before 9 so she can wake up before 5am to swim!!! LOL.

Anyhow, the run went well. Just ran around the neighborhood along the paths that weren't too spooky. Everything was fine and dandy till I was just about home. I was on a bit of a darkened section of path when I saw two pairs of glowing eyes looking at me...gulp! I had my trusty LED ball cap on so was shining it in the direction of said glowing eyes as I tried to figure out what the hell it was I was looking at!!!

Finally I could see wagging tails. Hmmm...coyotes don't wag their tails before they kill do they?! After a few tense moments I saw it was a big and small dog. Then I saw the owner of the dogs running along the path. All was fine and dandy! PHEW!!


  1. You could take a coyote. I'm sure. Pretty sure. I'd be more worried about a couger.

    And bandaids, don't forget them.

  2. Yeah watch out for the big cats and stray children ...FAR MORE DANGEROUS!!

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  4. Hi Susan:

    We're happy that you are having such a good time!

    We tried to send this comment several times. This is our last attempt.

    Mom and Dad