Thursday, 14 February 2008

I'm Here!!!

Okay, so just because I haven't been blogging does not mean I haven't been training. Well, ok, I didn't work out on Wednesday, but we'll get to that shortly... what did I do on Monday....OH! Right! It was as slick as snot outside so I decided rather than go for a run and risk breaking my leg (I have a vacation to go on in a couple of sleeps!) I'd jump onto the handy dandy Nordic Trak. No, I do not have a treadmill like some of my counterparts...but as all well know, Susi hates treadmills, so it's likely better that way.

The Nordic Trak was fine. Not as fun as being outside with the wind and snow in my hair and having snotsicles hanging down, but it would have to do. I was moving along just fine when I looked down and saw 32:16 minutes had gone by. Sweet. Not much longer to go. Slide. Slide. Slide. Some time had passed so I looked down...32:16 the display read. Cool, not much longer to go. (Apparantly my brain shuts down when I'm on such a mindnumbing piece of equipment, haha). Slide. Slide. Slide. I look down again and see 32:16. What the....?? (Yes, my brain FINALLY clued in.) Alrighty then. I guess I can dismount this bad boy as I'm sure I'm at my time goal, haha.

As for Tuesday, well let's just say 'I hate Tuesdays'. I never seem to have ANY energy on Tuesday. No idea why. Perhaps it's because I know it's going to be a long day. Swimming was fine - but as mentioned, no energy. Hmmm...nope, can't recall what we did... WAIT! I do remember doing a LOT of kicking. I'm not fond of kicking, which is likely why my brain tried to block out the painful memory, haha. I do try hard at kicking though, because I know I suck so badly at it and I want to get better.

Tuesday night I hoped onto the bike. Funny thing heart rate would not go up. I had it in the same gears as Sunday and my heart rate was 103 bpm. That would be about 37 beats LOWER than on Sunday. What the... GREEEEEEEG!! WHAT IS MY BODY DOING??

Now I know that IronGreg (IG) said he'd like it if I could stay in this particular gear and not have to go one easier towards the end of the work out...but seriously...did my body really just change over night just because IG wanted it that way?! I think not. It's way to stubborn to do that. I shifted two gears harder, but nope...the old heart would not pump harder than about 113 bpm. In the end I turned up the resistence in order to reach my goal heart rate.

What I forgot was that when your heart is doing something funky, it's likely trying to tell you something. The next day I had a wicked migraine. Ow. Hmmm, perhaps yesterday was a wee warning?! I was supposed to get on the bike that night, and I did try with the headache. However, I only lasted about two minutes. With every heart beat my head wanted to explode. Uh, ya. So not staying on the bike. I was super bummed as I was adding in another bike workout that night because I won't have access to a bike in Malaysia. (I could maybe borrow IGs...however I'd never be able to reach the pedals, haha. Oh, and lets not forget he'd be using it for a very important race!)

Okay, now where were we...swam, biked, tried to bike....right, back to swimming! Today's swim wasn't too bad. Jen was trying to drown us again, haha. One of our drills was to do the chicken swim. I'm sorry, did you say chicken swim....uhhhh, we do know that chicken's don't swim right?? I did my best and it wasn't pretty, haha. Just further proof that you can't swim like an animal that doesn't swim!!! tee hee.

We also did 10 x 50 m sprints. The first 5 were on 1:05 minutes. The last 5 were on 1:00 minute. My asthma acted up on the 7th set. Unfortunately I had to stop for a bit of a rest, but then was able to finish it up. It was cool being able to swim within the minute though!

Tonight I was on the bike again. My heart rate was back to normal, although I am happy to report I was able to keep it in a gear harder than on Sunday. Exceeeellent. It's always encouraging to see some progress, especially when you were starting to wonder because your body is doing weird things. I guess my body does listen to IG - at least a little bit.

I'll make up my missed bike ride tomorrow night. Somehow I'll squeeze it in with all the clothes washing and packing that I'll have to get done for Saturday. Yup, that's right....ONLY TWO MORE SLEEPS TILL WE LEAVE FOR MALAYSIA!!! Okay, actually it's Singapore first. haha. I so can't wait!! More on that later though. Time to get some shut eye.


  1. What clothes packing?? bathing suit, shorts, sandals, hat. Done.

    No migrane.

  2. Hi Susi, I'm another IG'er, just wanted to say hi. Have a great time in Malaysia!

  3. HAT!! Damn, I must remember to pack my cowboy hat!!!

    Thanks so much for the well wishes for the trip - I just know IG is going to kick some serious arse and I plan on losing my voice cheering for him!