Sunday, 3 February 2008

Favourite Words...

Four of my favourite words when it comes to sushi...'ALL YOU CAN EAT'. And, Ladies and Gentlemen, that's what I did last night. LOL.

Personally, rather than call it gluttony, I like to refer to it as carb loading. Afterall, I had a bike ride to do this morning. Yes, that's my excuse for eating so much!!!

Okay, okay....I'll admit it....I ate enough to load me up for an Ironman, tee hee. So yeah, it was more like gluttony. I made sure I ate my $22 worth and some. Uh, did I mention I'm Scottish/Dutch and will always make sure I get my money's worth??

So I was quite proud that I ate eigth spicy tuna cones...which would have cost me $40. heh heh. (Actualy, I ate six...couldn't get the last two down, but they were damn yummy after my bike ride today!!) On top of the cones, I managed to ingest 2 rainbow rolls, bbq mussels, squid, salmon, avocado rolls and some spicy scallop rolls. heh heh. Oh, and I musn't forget the miso soup! When I told Mum about my feast she asked if they banned me from ever returning to the restaurant! haha. (They didn't by the way...silly restaurant.)

When I got home last night I could barely move. I was soooo stuffed. The sushi was put to good use today though. I had a great bike workout, even if it was just for 1.5 hours.

I noticed a couple of things during my bike today. One, I need to stretch and roll my IT bands more. I felt a bit achy for quite some time at the start of the ride. Two, I think my aerobic endurance is improving. At least that's what IG said.

After my workout I mentioned to him that I noticed that when I started it wasn't too hard to get my heart rate in the zones I wanted. (I was doing 5/5 sets low/high zone two heart rates.) But by the last three sets I had to increase my gearing and cadence for my sets just to get my heart rate up!

Before that I had been visualizing my muscles working and telling them this is what 'sustained power' will feel like. So I wondered if it was that, or just the fact that I'm getting more efficient on the bike. (Please, oh please!!). IG said it was likely both reasons.

Whatever the reason, I really hope this is an indicator of what my season will be like. Now if I could hold that power for 'blank' hours in IMCDA.... tee hee.

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  1. Sorry we didn't hook up ... I had a fricking meltdown on Greg - good thing he couldn't see me boo hooing. He has had a busy weekend with "his girls" lmao - the poor guy - I hope he can handle us