Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Training in Asia I...

Finally I can train in warmth!! Well, kind of, haha. We are finally in Singapore and I need to get some training going. After sitting in planes and airports for about 26 hours or so, I needed to move!

We had done a fair amount of walking on our first day in Singapore and I realized it'd be hard to get a good run in. For a few reasons really, there are a ton of stoplights - not to mention traffic! For that reason I decided to do my running on the treadmill in the gym at the hotel so I wouldn't have to constantly stop and start. Yes, I know, I chose a treadmill over running outside!

I actually had a good run yesterday and today on it. I put on some Jack Johnson and got into a groove. Funny thing was they had a mirror placed in front of the treadmill so I had to stare at myself the whole time. Urgh. How boring is that?! I did watch my technique though and tried to get my arms to stop swinging as much - to no avail of course.

I gotta say, even though they had some air conditioning on, it was friggin hot in there. Within about 15 minutes I looked like someone threw a bucket of water on me!

All good though, both days I ran for an hour at a 7:13 km/h pace and kept my heartrate in mid zone two (so between 130-135). Hopefully as the months go by I can keep my heartrate down, but pick up the pace a bit!

I managed to get a swim in on one of the days as well. It was not easy I might add. The pool was definitely not 25 meters....more like about 15 it was getting boring really fast. I was trying everything to keep myself going! One arm drills, sculling, kicking, backstroke...

When Greg had got back from his run he came to the pool as well. Not to swim of course, but to take pics of me, in addition to a movie, when I didn't know it, haha. At least I also got some good tips on my stroke - it seems I was reaching quite far out when I'd go to take a breath. Will watch that from now on!

Every once in a while I'd bob my head out of the water and Greg, who was relaxing on a lounger, would yell out how many more minutes I had, haha. What a guy!

It was great though - I felt like a pro triathlete with my coach being right there!!

Oh we did get some fun pictures too...

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