Thursday, 15 January 2009

Hold The Elevator Please!!!

I need an elevator. Yes, an elevator for my two storey house. Wait! If there is a basement, does that mean it's three stories?? It would seem that today, stairs are my mortal enemy.

All I can say is I pray that the cat does not get in front of me in a way that necessitates me having to jump or leap or sidestep the wee guy, cause it's SO not going to happen.

As you may be guessing, my legs and butt muscles are a tad sore today. Not that I'm complaining. Honest! I love this kind of pain because it means I'm working hard. I've had this kind of mentality since I was a kid working at Gold's Gym. I firmly believed the t-shirt I wore with the big, muscular green monster that read 'No Pain, No Gain'.

So I made it through the mega jumping squats and lunges workout last night, and was up bright and early this morning to do my bike workout. In hindsight perhaps I should have left a few more hours between workouts?

I had a sneaking suspicion that this mornings bike workout was a low cadence one, which meant pushing the pedals hard and doing more squats. Sure enough it was. I was impressed this morning with the strength I had and got through the workout fine. The legs were screaming a bit on the squats, but nothing unbearable. I did five sets of the LCS/squat sets, then did a steady pace until the one hour mark.

Everything was fine until a short while later - after I'd been sitting on my butt for a while in my office. I went downstairs not to badly to get a wee snack, but when I tried to walk up the stairs boy could I ever feel every muscle in my quads and butt!

So inadvertantly I have dedicated this month a strength building month. Good thing thats one of my, uhm, er, strengths?? All those years in the gym are paying off. Or at least I hope they will and this pain will be short lived.

I had this afternoon off from training and will rest up tomorrow, with the exception of a swim. I will likely take advantage of the pull buoy and not use my legs much so they recover for the weekend.

Looks like the inner quadzilla in me is coming back!

Peace out my brilliant friends.


  1. The pull buoy will definitely be your friend!!!

    Way to rock out the quads!!!!!

  2. I love that feeling hurts but it is a good hurt! Like a "I am making progress, hurt" or "I am gettin buff so I can kick some ass this summer, hurt"