Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Just Call Me Hef...

Ah yes...there is nothing like waking up, strolling downstairs leisurely to sit down for a nice, hot, well balanced breakfast, then strolling back upstairs and starting your days work - all in the comfort of your fuzzy warm flannel pj's.

At the end of my workday I changed into my bike clothes and headed for the dungeon. My workout tonight was a short one, just under an hour and involved spin intervals.

I did a ten minute warmup, then five minutes comprising of 30 seconds standing and 30 seconds recovery. I gotta tell ya, I'm still feeling my quads from this one. As I was standing I tried to make sure that there was no bounce and that my pedal stroke was smooth. This meant using a lot of muscle and control. I'm proud to say that no obsenities passed my lips during this exercise...although there were a couple of fffffffff sounds before I restrained myself and reminded myself how strong this will make me.

The remainder of the bike workout consisted of spin work. I did sets of 20 seconds high spin (no bounce) and 1:40 min of recovery. One would think this would be relatively easy. In comparison to some workouts it was, but I was still sweating at the end of it. My legs were feeling it as well. That may be due in part to the fact that I was working the recovery spins, not just lazily spinning my legs around.

I felt really good about this workout. I love it when I can feel my muscles working - it's such a rush! I'm really stoked about my bike work this year as I want to build on what I developed last year. One day I will be ready for Lanzarote!

After my workout I went upstairs, showered and put on a fresh set of warm fuzzy flannel pj's. Good thing I have many sets!

Yup, you can call me after the pj'd man himself, Hef. Not that we have anything in common other than our love of being in pj's all day. Afterall, there's only one blonde bunny in this mansion!

Peace out my bunny friends!


  1. Hmmm. Wasn't Hef into silk? And the bunny slippers are so not Hef.

  2. Bunny Slippers rock

    Congrats on your new office wardrobe!!

  3. Dang! I am so jealous...nylons everyday in my world...and a suit...and heels...it sucks.

  4. A "fresh" new pair of PJs -- isn't life grand? LOL!!!!

  5. That is the way the work world was meant to be!!