Wednesday, 14 January 2009


Well it finally arrived...the P90X workout 'system'. The system has a nutrition plan, workout plan and 12 DVDs. I was mostly interested in the 12 DVDs because I wanted something different for my strength workouts, now that I can actually fit them in this year!

I lovingly brought my package home from the post office, laid it on the counter, sliced through the clear packing tape that held down the flap, flipped the flap open and gazed inside...

This is what I saw...

What I did next is what any self respecting triathlete would do...I ignored the big stop sign warning, tossed the stack of 'read this first' books aside and gently picked up the stack of DVDs. Aaaaah...

I promptly pulled out the DVD that I wanted to start with first...plyometrics. I have no idea why I am so obssessed about doing these, but I am. I think it may give me some sort of edge this year in my races. Of course, I have no scientific proof that this is true.

I ran upstairs, got changed, ran back downstairs, grabbed my yoga mat, moved the cat and the coffee table, put the DVD in and waited with anticipation...

So the dude leading this little trip is a tad dorky. Nice bod though - of course. One of the first things he says as we start warming up is DO NOT EAT AT LEAST 60 MINUTES BEFORE THIS WORKOUT. Hmm, I just ate two rice cakes with peanut butter and banana downed with a cup of chocolate almond milk about half an hour ago. Bah! I'll be fine.

One thing I like about this workout is its done in sets of two. So it keeps things interesting - not that all the jumping squats, jumping side steps, jumping leaps and jumpity jumpy jumping activities wouldn't. Note that there is a lot of jumping stuff in here.

It didn't take long before all this jumping started to help me process my wonderful dinner. Before you knew it I was making some interesting sounds. The top end went first. BRRAAAAAAACCKK! Oh my. Excuse me...

The longer the workout went on, and the more the food was jostled through my intestinal system, and then the bottom half of my body decided to get in on the game. VVVVVVEERRRPPPPP!

Good thing the cat is now deaf or he would have been startled out of his wits. Heck, sometimes I was startled by the noises coming out of me! Add to that my knees were cracking with each squat. CRACK. CRACK. CRACK.

I was my own one woman band!

The workouts got more intense and I must admit I could not go that low with some of the moves. But hey, this was my first workout so I know I can only get better!

By the end I was pretty pooped, had sweat dripping off me and my legs were feeling it. I think the photo below sums it all up.

This was a darn good workout, with lots of room for improvement. I look forward to scoping out the other DVDs in there...especially the martial arts one that is just calling the name of the ninja princess!

It will be interesting to see how my legs are tomorrow for the bike workout...

Peace out my friends!


  1. Parental Unit say as long as yoour having fun. \it looks like it.

  2. This is Linda & I thought your pictures was great:) Is this a DVD of the month club thing or what? 12 discs, one per month until you have achieved mastery of all - oh wait, that is Keith, even though he refutes it......

  3. That's not sweat, that's drool! And the reason you didn't read the instructions isn't because you're a triathlete, it's your professional designation. :-)

  4. ok now i need to actually put my dvd's in a dvd PLAYER.....

  5. My aunt and uncle did it down in Seattle they LOVE it! I'm jealous! Keep us posted!

  6. Yes jen and I acquired a set of p90x and have yet to try any out it!

  7. I've only tried the Ab ripper and it was awesome -- Bring it! LOL!!!

    Way to go Susi! So, are you going to make sure you have an empty belly next time? Hee-hee!