Wednesday, 7 January 2009


I was up bright and early to hit the local pool today. Oh how thankful I was I could just get up and go and not have to worry about wearing my swim clothes, packing my work clothes - don't forget the undies and bra!, pack my breakfast, pack my lunch etc. Instead I was just able to walk out the door with the essentials. Trust me, I give thanks everyday to be able to live this new lifestyle of mine!

I found an old training plan of mine from a couple of years ago. There were some really great swim workouts on there so I decided to do them in order and chose the first one. Gulp. My eyes grew slightly large as I read 'Endurance Swim, 1600m'. Holy hannah when was the last time I swam 1600 m?!

As the most I had swum in the last bit was 15 minutes worth, I really wasn't sure how I'd feel in this swim. I was more than willing to give it a go though! My last few workouts have really gotten me in the groove of training and I feel great.

I slipped into the water and started my warm up - 100 m swim/100 m kick/100m swim/100 m kick. My swim felt comfortable and my kick felt like crap. Aaaah. Just like old times!

As I was coming back during one kicking set I noticed someone at the end of the pool. Hmmm. Wonder if that's one of my fellow townie tri-geeks? My goggles are a wee bit cloudy and the person had their cap and goggles on already so I couldn't tell. My name is on my pull buoy though so I figured if they knew me they'd see that and say hi.

The next time lap of kicking I saw the person touching my pile of stuff at the pool edge. Hmmm. What this all about? Perhaps they were reading my swim program that was stuck to my water bottle? I should add I was willing to take them out if they tried to make of with my program or pull buoy! As I got to the pool edge I took off my goggles to see who this person was. I was tickled pink when I saw it was my amazing friend Leslie. YAY! What an awesome surprise!

Turns out she is going to be swimming on Monday and Wednesday mornings as well. I love that she will be there because she is one of the most kick butt swimmers I know. Already today she has given me a pointer that I'll be working on. So cool.

After a brief chat with Leslie I started the main workout. This consisted of sets of various lengths at a moderate and fast pace. For the most part I felt pretty strong, but part way through one of the fast 100 m sets I was thinking, ow, I can feel my shoulders. Need air. Not getting enough air in. So not doing flipturns in this set or I'll drown! How did I ever swim 4000 m last year?? Do not panic. Your race is many months away and you will be able to swim the distance by that time! Breath dammit, breath!

There was some gasping at sputtering at the end of the set, but at the same time I was smiling because I was gettin' er done.

I was surprised again when I finished the workout. I swam 1600 m and it felt not too bad! How cool that I swam that far for my first real swim workout?! This is a very good start to the year. My swim goal this year is to better my technique so I can swim faster! Kind of a given for most triathletes I think.

I also got a run in this evening. About the half hour mark I realized I hadn't had enough food today because things started looking a little woozy. Eeep. Rather than endure the first bonk of the season, I stopped in at Esthers, my other amazing friend. I gratefully endured the giggling at my situation in trade for some sustenance to keep me going. Phew.

Another great training day. Here's hoping this year is made up mainly of these types of days!

Peace out my wonderful friends.


  1. Isn't it wonderful when you can just roll out the door and go swimming? I wouldn't be surprised if part of your awesome first day back at swimming was thanks in part to a relaxed mental state. :) :)

  2. :) I showed up at a friends hungry too and was greeted with a nice bowl of oatmeal :) LOL - Sound slike the new life is just what you needed!!