Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Spin, Spin, Spin!!!

I have to admit, I used to think spinning was easy, but now that I've decided not to be a lazy arse on the trainer I have to say....DAMN THAT'S HARD!

I'm not sure what's harder, the low cadence spinning or high cadence spinning without bouncing! Either way I'm pushing my bike skills this year and am loving every bit of it.

Really not much to write about todays workout. I did a sets of four, then two, then four 0:20 sec spin / 1:40 recovery with some 'easy' recovery sets in between. I made sure I didn't wuss out on the recovery either and by my second set of 0:20 second intervals I was full on sweating. Wait, I'm a girl...I glisten. Profusely.

The workout was to end at 0:44 minutes with a cooldown, but i decided to push it to an hour. I cranked the gearing up a bit and just did a steady ride. My legs were feeling it after, but they were very happy at the work.

Too bad the remnants of my blister aren't happy. Stupid thing is really sore. I think it's the combination of my run last night and my bike this morning wearing only a bandaid on it. There is no liquid in it anymore, it's just doing it's healing thing, but it really friggin hurts. And has a pulse. And is warm. But it's not ooozy yet, so I take that as a good sign and will fix it before it gets there. I promise. In fact, I'm going out right after I type this in order to buy the Moleskin pads that many people, including my beloved parental unit, have insisted I purchase. No need to tell me more than four times! I think I finally get that I need them...

Peace out my lovely friends!


  1. I believe we glow

    take care of those feet your gonna need 'em!

  2. That stupid blister, and it "has a pulse." LOL!!!!

    Take care of that foot my, dear and feel free to glow, glisten, sweat, toot, and burp! :) :)

  3. We don't sweat....we perspire!!