Monday, 5 January 2009

Layer Up!!!

Let the show begin...I'm back into training and loving it! On Saturday I had a brilliant run with Leslie. The scenery along the river was breathtaking - all the trees were covered in an shining white frost. It was a bit chilly out though and when we ran into an area that was in the shade certain bits that I possess started to freeze...

When it's cold out the three areas on me that freeze first are the three areas that stick out the most - my butt, boobs and nose! Mental note: next run make sure they are covered better!

On Sunday I was on the trainer...not much to say about that. I got on my bike. I spun my legs. I looked at the walls. Truthfully though, it wasn't a bad workout! I did some various intervals to keep things interesting.

My first official day as a working-from-home-entrepeneur was spent downtown at one of my clients office. Slightly ironic, I know. It was all good though as I get to work with some truly great people. However, working downtown meant I had to do my short run in the dark and cold evening, rather than the warmish sunny day. At least I think it was sunny today...I was in the deep dark back boardroom for most of it.

It was a bit chilly when I got home and I wasn't sure how much more the temperature would drop, even though it was warmer today than it has been in a long time. I decided not to risk a reoccurance of Sunday and layer up!

The layers...jog bra, long sleeve shirt, long sleeve fleece sweater, wind breaker and glow in the dark safety vest. (Musn't forget the bright yellow reflective safety vest that Mum gave me! Cause you know the day I do forget to wear it, is the day I get bumped off by a car or truck!! It's just like when I was a kid and she'd say to wear my coat because it was cold, and I didn't cause I was too cool, and then I'd freeze...) But I digress. On the legs were a pair of shorts covered by my double layered winter gortex front leggings, and socks. This ensemble was topped off with ear covers and my purple dragon toque. (That would be a hat for anyone reading this outside of Canada.)

I LOVE my dragon toque - it doubles as a puppet and has googly eyes and everything! As the eyes face back I always say that Monty (the name of my dragon) watches my back. So very cool.

I didn't end up covering my schnoz, although as I was running I did remember that somewhere in my house I have a red clowns nose that may come in handy on the colder days! Can you imagine the sight of that?!

Overall, the run went quite well. As I was running from my house down the bonus hill I was glad for my neon yellow vest as there was a ton of traffic coming towards me. No one seemed to want to move over either, so I started to wonder if my vest really was reflective and whether or not I'd have to dive into a snow pile to avoid being hit! I kept a good eye on all the cars.

Shortly thereafter, I discovered that the vest was visible because when I got to the road crossing two cars that were going to turn, and therefore intersect in front of me as I crossed the road, stopped. Problem was I stopped too because I couldn't make eye contact (it was dark out) so I didn't know if it was ok to go! We finally all worked it out okay.

As I ran in one of the neighborhoods I was met with a dog...that barked at me. BARKED AT ME! I'm the person who adores all creatures great and small dammit! Especially the cute, furry, fourlegged ones! How dare he bark at me?!

I actually sensed that he wasn't a super friendly dog (the kids walking it had let go of the leash so he was wandering in front of them, then approached me barking) so I stopped running. Likely a good move. He didn't stay interested in me for too long though as he caught a scent, went past me and stuck his nose in a snow drift...must have smelt the scent of Eau d'Yellow Snow!

On the way back I had the pleasure of witnessing the sky turn a most stunning, awe-inspiring colour. Or rather, colours. It was a deep dark azure that blended into a midnight blue, then went to black. Not to mention the stars and moon that were dabbled in there. I made sure I made a wish on the first star I saw tonight too! Can't tell you what it is though or that will break the wish...

I focused on the brilliant sky as I huffed and puffed back up the bonus hill. I learned quickly that it is harder to run uphill in the snow rather than downhill! Who knew?! Throw in the headwind that I had and I felt as though someone was trying to push me backwards! It was great resistance training for the end of my run.

It feels oh so good to be back training!

Peace out my glorious friends.


  1. Your bonus hill description always cracks me up -- Hahahaha!! I think we need some pics of you layered up, especially with Monty!!

    That would be so awesome if you stuck a clown nose on just for kicks -- remember that girl we came across early one Sunday morning on our bike ride? The one wearing a huge afro wig and a red cape and biking in the middle of nowhere -- Hahahahahaha!!!!

    :):) :):)

  2. You weren't fooling around with the layer up. I just wore my usual tights (that aren't so tight anymore), a long sleeved poly workout shirt, heavy cotton hoodie, touque. That's it. Was just right.

  3. your bonus hill.... so much fun - and very scary to a prairie girl going down hill on her bike for the first time ever....