Thursday, 21 June 2007


Leslie and I went for a run tonight out in this beautiful weather we are FINALLY having!! We had a 15 minute warm up then were to sprint really fast for 30 seconds and run easys for 1:30 minutes. We only had to do eight sets and they were actually quite fun. Les' watch would signal us with a 'beep' countdown...only I didn't know that you were supposed to wait till the last beep so on the first set I was off like a shot! All I could think about was 'Run Forrest, Run!'. haha. At least I could hear Leslie when she yelled 'Stop!'. On one of our easy intervals I stopped to pet the cutest little French Bulldog. Tons of dogs out tonight on the path!

After our intervals we had an easy run back to Les'...and thats when the excitement happened. We were running over the railway tracks when I saw Les stumble...then almost recover...feet stepping one over the other very quickly...stumbling...recovering????.....NO! She was down. Flat out. And it looked very painful. She had to take a moment to recover from the shock of falling. There were many people that stopped to help, which was so kind. When she stood up her knee was hurting quite a bit, so we took the offer of a ride home from a very kind woman, her young son and their dog. Luckily we weren't too far from Les'.

At home she rested and we got ice on her knee - her hands were cut up and her one elbow too. Les, true to form though, is one tough chica and after 15 minutes of ice and sitting, she was ready to get out there on the bike to finish up our workout! (We just had a short easy ride to do.) I think it helped her knee feel better. Thankfully GWN is a week away! It will take a bit for her palms to heal and not hurt on the handlebars.

PHEW!!! That was more excitement than either of us needed this evening. Everything turned out ok though!

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  1. Hi ... I stumbled upon your blog and have had enjoyed reading it! I am thinking of signing up for IRONMAN Canada this summer (for next year) and would love reading your recap of the event!! Good luck!!!