Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Well today was not a good training day. I had quite the headache after work and it didn't want to go away. (I really must learn to blink sometimes whilst staring at the computer!)

I was supposed to go for a bike ride, but instead did a bit of yoga. It didn't really help unfortunately. I think part of the problem is my mind is working overtime thinking about the race and other non-triathlon issues. That and I've been having troubles sleeping. One day I will master meditating and be able to 'still my mind', haha.

Days like today happen. It's nothing to get upset about or worry, you just have to accept it and look to the next day. I've got a swim tomorrow and already have all my gear ready and my program! Then Thursday and Friday are rest days - lots of time to prep for the race!

Onwards and upwards!!

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