Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Aren't Lakes Supposed to be Warm in the Summer?!

Went for a wee dip in Arbour Lake tonight. The sign said it was '12 degrees C - tepid'. Definately not mine or Les' idea of tepid I must say!

This is the one week that the lake is open to the public because the Arbour Lake Triathlon is on this weekend. As the GWN is coming up we decided to take advantage of going for a lake swim. Getting in the water is the first challenge...but wasn't that bad. It only took one lap for the feeling in my feet and hands to come back. And hey, at least this time I didn't get a 'slurpee headache' when I put my head in - always a sign it's going to be fine.

I was proud of myself tonight - I only yelped twice under water! Once when was this HUGE piece of algae floated in front of my face - I was sure it was the finger of a lake monster. (Yes, I have the imagination of a five year old!!) The second was when a fish darted out under me. Shifty little bugger it was! I'm not sure which I prefer more, the lake I can't see the bottom so I can't tell where the lake monster is....or when I can see things moving! Ick. Ah well, imagination aside, I love being in the water!! As I was swimming I was thinking of how it was going to be swimming at Ironman. Then, of course, my mind went on to think of Ogopogo and which lake he was in in Penticton...hmmmm.

We got two laps of the lake done today, yelping and all. The second lap felt much more comfortable - it usually takes me that long to get into a groove and to get comfortable in my wetsuit. I'm noticing a difference in my swimming this year in the lakes, the swim technique classes I took in the fall definately are paying off. I'm much more comfortable swimming in general and swimming in a wetsuit. YAY!

After the swim I did a very short run. The legs felt really good considering they were pretty sore on Monday after Wasa. Good thing...I have a long run tomorrow!

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  1. Yes you are correct!!! Ogopogo is in Okanagan Lake!!
    But he is very friendly when it comes to Iron-virgins... he likes to tickle the feet of first-timers when they swim in his lake!!
    Have fun!!