Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Lap One, Lap Two, Lap Three...

Today was a swim up before the sun and headed into Calgary. Not much to report today - I know, I know - it's a shocker! Granted there is a Zepplin song about how I speak and write (think 'Ramble On'), but I am capable of of being short and to the point! Sometimes.

Anyways, it was an interval day in the pool. Was doing 200 m intervals at varying pace. My technique is improving all the time, but I haven't figure out the 'catch'. I swam a total of 1900m. I have only done up to 2600 m and am truly wondering if I'll swim 3800 m before I have to do IMC! Hmm, wonder how many laps of Arbour Lake I'll have to do to get that distance??? Anyone know?

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