Wednesday, 27 June 2007

Oh For Cryin' Out Loud....

This morning was a swim morning. As always on swim mornings I'm out the door before the sun has come over the horizon. I find it a very peaceful time. It's a nice drive to the pool as all the cows around are just getting up and I tend to see a deer or two. This morning there was a young deer slowly crossing Springbank Rd. Glad I saw her in time!

Todays' swim was pretty short. 800 m warm up, 8 x 50 m sprints and 400 m cool down. I was supposed to swim the first 50 m then add on time and have that as when I start for each set...but as mentioned before, I'm just not that great at the whole swim/clock thing. By the time I've added up all the little notches on the clock it's past when I was supposed to swim. So instead I just swam as fast as I could and rested until I could catch a decent breath. Then I'd be off again.

I'm pleased with my swimming, but I still haven't quite got the 'catch' part of it. I hope to get better at that eventually. The gal in the lane beside me was awesome. Super smooth stroke and faster than all heck. I was trying to watch her technique underwater hoping to learn something. She was probably wondering what I was doing! haha.

I had to laugh, here I was trying to swim fast and probably splashing a bit (perhaps a sign I'm not as efficient as I hope) and the person beside me was just zipping by me like it was nothing. For crying out loud! I didn't think I was THAT slow. I was thinking it was still the gal that was swimming there before. I'm sure she wasn't that fast. When I stopped for a break I noticed the person beside me was no longer the gal, but a guy. No wonder I couldn't keep up! Not that just cause he's a guy he's fast, but his shoulders were twice the size of mine so he was moving WAY more water than me! haha. He had on a fast bathing suit too...a speedo. Urgh.

Oh well, the best thing about swimming beside fast people is it pushes you to swim fast too!

Only a few more sleeps till GWN - I can't wait! I've already started making my lists of everything I need. Tee hee.

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  1. Good Luck at GWN!!! I look forward to reading about your adventures when you get back!!Jenn