Saturday, 16 June 2007

Days of Thunder...

A fitting title for the day. Woke up bright and early this morning totally psyched to go for a ride...alas, it was pouring out. Heavy sigh. I was supposed to meet Leslie for 8:15am, and figured I still would and we'd figure out what to do. While eating my favourite breakfast, oatmeal fully loaded, I checked emails. Sure enough there was one there from our coach stating that an indoor ride would be just fine considering the weather. So an indoor ride it was. (And for anyone who thinks we wimped out by doing the indoor ride, I triple dog dare you to sit on a bike in a trainer for 2.5 hrs.....ugh!!) Anyways, it's not the riding in the rain that is an issue, it's more the wet and cold and being in that for many many hours. Not the best thing for ones health.

I headed over to Leslie's as she's got an awesome set up in the basement, tv's, fans etc. There is not a lot on at 8am, but we managed to find the movie 'Days of Thunder'. Having something to watch once in a while is nice - but it sure doesn't make up for zooming past beautiful scenery outside though. At least the fast race scenes automatically made me pedal faster, haha. Coach provided us with a workout so it was a good one. High spins mixed with strength intervals. My legs were feeling it at the end, that's for sure. After the bike session we headed out for a half hour run. It felt pretty cold outside, part of that was because of being soaked with sweat from the bike session, but we had a good run going down Main St. Pretty good pace too.

I have to say, it felt weird being done by noon!!! Usually we are gone most of the day. Oh well, gave me time to tidy up the house and make a trip to the tri store for some bike maintenance. Of course by the afternoon the sun came out and the roads were dry. Sometimes you just can't win with Alberta weather!! I have a feeling it will be soggy again for our run tomorrow. LOL. Good thing we'll be in the pool right after.

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