Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Ch-Ch-Chilly Out There!!!

Today was one of those days when my gut was not cooperating. I'm not sure why things are coming back, I was fine in Malaysia! Maybe I'm meant to eat only fish curry and rice?! Anyways, I was dealing with some serious sharp pains for a few hours this afternoon. Not fun at the best of times and even worse when you are stuck in a day long clients training session with your boss and coworkers. Rats! I was kind of wondering how my run was going to go tonight...

Surprsingly, it went well. I ran for 1:40 hour from the west side of town, where I live, all the way to the east side of town and back again. It was pretty nice out when I started out, but it sure cooled down later on. Nothing like running into a cold head wind to motivate you to get home sooner rather than later, haha.

At the start of the run I was having some HR strap issues. I think I may have lost some padding on my ribs cause lately my HR strap has been digging in on my rib. As I ran down the hill from my house, the strap was slowly slipping down, down and down. I decided till I was on the trail to adjust things. I tried to scooch it up and under the old jog bra without having to lift my shirt, but to no avail. So I had to lift my shirt up to move things around. Now, now, I wasn't showing anything so let's not all get in a tizzy. Well, at least I don't think I was....

As I had my shirt up and was moving the strap up I could feel the wind wrap around me. At this point I realized that my leggings were slung a wee bit low and perhaps there was just a bit of plumber butt going on, haha. It was then I remembered the email I got from a friend showing just another use for duct tape...hmmm....

Perhaps next time I'll just make sure my leggings are done up a bit tighter, haha.

Peace out my friends!


  1. Oh for a camera...and perchance a utube expose!!

  2. :) Time to eat like the Malaysian peeps i think!!

  3. It's amazing how many things one can do while running ...LOL! :)

  4. As a fellow dairy free girl I often have problems eating anything processed.

    Trying to adjust a HR monitor under a sports bra while running is akin to rubbing your tummy and patting your head.

  5. Any excuse to show off those abs will do, it appears.