Saturday, 8 March 2008

Running With Icebergs...

A very short while ago I was running with palm trees...and today I ran with icebergs. Okay, perhaps they weren't huge like icebergs, but there was a ton of thick ice!

I went running with my buddy Esther today. It turned out to be a gorgeous spring day. Not a cloud in the sky and although the wind we felt running west was a bit cool, when we were running back east I had to shed my light jacket.

I was grumbling a bit about wanting to be back in the hot sun, so Esther started pointing out how beautiful it was here with the river flowing, the mountains in the background and the blue blue sky. Too funny. She is right though, it is beautiful here...I just wish it was warm all year round, haha. Give me global warming! (Kidding!!)

The run itself was good. My legs were slightly resistant to get going at the start, but finally kicked in. She noted that my pace was faster since the last time we ran, but my heart rate was where it should be (it popped up a couple of times), so I'm pretty pleased with that.

On the way back to the Rec. Ctr., where we started our run from, we realized we'd only run 50 minutes. Last time we ran together (at the beginning of the year) we ran this route in an hour, so somehow we've shed 10 minutes. Not bad. As the run was to be an hour, we kept along the path that followed the river. That's when we saw the 'icebergs'.

I've never seen anything like it on this path! At this point, the path dips down and is at the same level as the river. The river bends here and I guess there was a bit of an ice jam so all the ice has broken up and been pushed up onto the pathway and the land along there. It was wild! I wish I had a camera. The ice was at least a foot thick too. A lady who was walking her dog mentioned it had receeded since last week. Amazing!

We picked our way around the ice and finished up the run along the roadway.

We hit the gym after and met up with our buddy Paddy. I did my usual upper body workout. I'd only hit the weights once on the trip so was happy to be back in the gym. It's like my meditative zone, haha.

At one point 'Baby Got Back' came on my mp3 player. For those of you who don't know, this is my theme song and it's pretty much impossible for me not to get jiggy with it when the song is playing. I care not where I am or who's looking and today was no exception. I was in one of the training rooms with Paddy and Esther so started singing the song and shaking my booty. Lord only knows if I was singing on key or not, but it got the girls laughing and that's all that matters.

(I might mention I was even 'caught on tape' shaking my booty to this song at IMC as I started on the friends daughters were singing it for me along the road, haha.)

As I went to reach for my lock on the locker my arms started to shake...a sign of a good workout. Will be interesting to see how they feel tomorrow though...


  1. Hahahahaha!! That is so AWESOME that Baby Got Back is your theme song!! Right on!! Every time I hear it, I am transported back to high school where my best friend and I would sing along. :) We never really understood the lyrics - naive young things we were! It was much later on, when I heard the song, and actually listened to the one part I still have memorized: "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun!! "

    Hahahahahaha!! Good times! :) :)

  2. sounds like a great run :)

  3. Ha that's awesome! I have a tendency to ru'ancing. Meaning I'll be running along and a great song will come on and I'll start shaking my booty or the robot. It's been embarassing a couple of time!

    The scissor sisters "I don't feel like dancing" always gets me grooving.