Sunday, 23 March 2008

The Time Game...

Seriously, I do not know how some people do it....train for any sport plus have a partner/spouse, kidlets or all of the above to attend to. Last week was absolute choas for me. I had appointments and long work days and was trying to fit in all my workouts before and after work, as ususal. It got to the point where the parental unit and friends were calling or emailing to make sure I was alive as no one had heard from me. I want everyone to know how thankful I am for that. I'm grateful to know that there are people out there who love me enough to make sure I'm ok! At least I was able to zip off a couple of quick emails saying I'm alive, just super busy! Hopefully next week will be less crazy.

I guess I'm lucky in the sense that I have only my cats to worry about. Although the one was super pissed that I wasn't giving him much lovin'. (The other is a fraidy cat and likes to hide a lot. He's still wonderful though.) It made me wonder though how people with other committments do it?? For all of those out there who are training for an event AND working AND keeping up with your families - I give you a very big, jumping in the air, pounding chests, high five. Not to mention and all out 'HOOOYAAAAH!'. You guys rock!

So did I manage to get all my workouts in? Well, I did get in 99% of them. I have been wrestling with a very tight calve muscle (as my Pop would say 'it's tighter than a cow's ass in fly season!'), so I decided to bail on my Thursday ride and keep with my Friday day off plan. I had tried to push through it, did self massage, stretched it but nothing was working. It had gotten to the point where it was cramping when I was seated at my desk and it hurt when I walk. Time to take a bit of extra rest.

The rest and icing seemed to help as I felt good for my run/swim on Saturday. It was pulling a bit on the bike today, but I made sure to stretch it out and ice it after. Fingers crossed it's just a minor niggly and it will disappear soon.

My workouts this week went well. I had to contend with what looked like the remnants of a cat fight in the bottom of the pool on Tuesday. The quantity of hair in the deep end was beyond disgusting. Serioulsy, how the hell did it get there?! You have no idea how hard it is to swim and dry heave at the same time. My 'lost' bright orange ear plug was still at the bottom of the pool amongst this hairy mess so it made me wonder just how often they vacuum the pool! I really don't want to know the answer to that question.

Wednesday I had a great run, as documented in the one blog I finally wrote up yesterday. We did a timed "45" minute swim on Thursday (the cat fight hair had been removed thankfully) and I was really pleased with my distance. Our coach missed when our exact start time was, but knew we'd swam about 42-43 minutes. I didn't care about the extra 2 minutes because I swam 50 m faster than my last timed swim, which was the full 45 minutes. I'M GETTING FASTER!!! Now I just need to hold that pace for IMCDA...

I had a great run on Saturday with my friend Esther. We headed out along the 'Fosters' route. This route takes one through a fabulous trail. The section of trail is short, but it's worth being in there. I just love it as it reminds me of being home in BC. Lots of trees, bushes, a wee babbling brook and dirt trail with roots sticking up - just to keep you in the moment. There was still some icy bits so we had to mind our step in a couple of sections. Still it was gorgeous to run through.

I debated going out for a ride today, but I'm not as brave as some and decided to stick to the trainer. One of these days I will have to measure how much sweat I lose. By about the 1:45 mark there was a constant drip off the end of my ever so delicate schnoz to the mat below. Drip...drip...drip drip....drip. I imagine it occured because my 'I want to be like Faris' bandana was soaked through. This was in addition to the sweat dripping down my back and off my arms. Pretty gross and at the same time pretty cool. Only a crazy triathlete would think that...or perhaps a runner?

I managed to get my planking in and am happy to report I hit the 3 minute mark yesterday - after several attempts during the week. I have to share the secret of getting to this time... Normally I would get into position and start my watch. Then when I figured I'd been hanging and shaking long enough I'd drop thinking it had to be at least 2 minutes. I'd then look at my watch to see it was really about 1:20 min. Hmmm. This time I put the watch in front of me and did some major self talking. I kept saying, 'five more seconds - just hold it for five more seconds' over and over again. This seemed to do the trick.

Admittedly I flopped to the ground in pure exhaustion at 3 minutes. Let's just hope I don't sneeze or cough the next few days or I will end up dropping to the floor and going in to the fetal position due to core discomfort. I read afterwards that Julie also hit the 3 minute mark, which I was super happy to see!! Great job! Oh, so, uh, how much longer do we have to hold it now?? My side planks were ok, both were 1:05 minutes. I find them much harder.

So that's my week in a nutshell. This week is allegedly a rest week for me, although it doesn't appear that way according to my schedule....Gregory.... It's all good though. I'm seeing some great improvements so far this year. Very cool.

Peace out my friends!


  1. Hey,

    Thanks for the asthma tips, ya I've been diagnosed with exercise induced asthma too, a while ago but I don't really need inhalers although I have them. This was the first time in a long time that I've had any problems, if it continues I'll take action.

    I believe you wanted a CDA synopsys(spelling?). The course is AWSOME, great in almost every way. If you bring fans there's plenty of out and backs on the bike and run for them to cheer you on. Hopefully it won't be a windy rough swim like it was for us, although the other years it wasn't windy it was super duper hot so ummm I'd rather take the wind.

    Anyways the bike is composed of two out and backs, one short one that first takes you along the lake, it's quite exposed, but short, aprox. 20k and several roller type hills. There are no big mountain passes as you prolly know by now only rollers, and plenty of them. On this out and back you get to see your run turn around, it hurts on the second lap at around 28k of the run? (the run laps aren't even) Anyways you come back into town after your warm up and head straight through going back out into the country, I like this part cause it's got everything, plenty of forests and shelter if it's a windy day and hills hills hills. One after another rollers, but the good news is there are no big ones, some steeper ones and you will prolly have to get out of the saddle at times to crest them, but all easily doable. There are of course plenty of downhills too, some sharp turns at the bottom of hills and some narrow roads which make them a bit sketchy but I'm sure you'll be careful. Make sure you keep your legs going on the downhills, means you'll be shifting up and prolly using both chain rings on the front. I saw a lot of people just gliding down the hills, seems like such a waste when you could shift up, still take it easy but at least spin your legs and get some advantage. Oh well I'm sure Greg will give you all the advice you need, back to the course. There's not much else to tell, I really liked the hills because it gave me a chance to sit up and even stand which gives your back, neck a break.

    The run is pretty flat, just really 3 hills that I can think of, one slow graaaaaaaaaaaaadual one coming out of town, a average one, and the big one at the run turn around. The run basically takes a bunch of the first out and back section of the bike. So you'll know what the last hill at the turn around looks like. Oh and of course you'll have to do these three hills going out and coming back twice as it's a two loop run. The run really has two out and backs too just like the bike. A short one along the lake that's only a mile or two, then the long one going through town and out along the lake. I hope my explanation isn't too confusing, you'll see the course maps, just remember only one big hill on the run that you do twice.

    The finish line is awsome as any Ironman finish is. It's a long down hill(the gradual one I was telling you about that you climb heading out) and it's along one of the main streets and is loaded with people yelling your name. K that should be quite a bit, I typed this out pretty quickly, hopefully it makes sense and isn't too confusing. Sooo to recap

    Swim = 2 laps, flat(duhhh) well except last year it wasn't

    Bike = lots of rolling hills, sheltered mostly, did I mention hills? And Very scenic ENJOY it!!

    Run = Pretty flat, flatter then IMC I think

    Course = lots of out and backs, plenty of cheering for you. :)

    Finish = more cheering and what else cept "you are an Ironman" .... again



  2. Good for you on hitting 3 min for the plank!!!! You rock girl! I do the same thing with my watch -- right in front of me and then talk myself through to 3:00min. 3:00 min is my max, I am going to keep doing that and now work on the side planks -- they are a lot harder aren't they?

    Glad to see you are back blogging!!I missed ya!! :) :)

  3. Hey Susi!! Nice to have ya back - Yes TIME MANAGEMENT should be one more aspect of the Tri thing...swim, bike, run, plank, time management. It's hard but we are so much more productive than the common joe who doesn't even make the effort!!

  4. It's all about being organized, in more ways that I thought possible. However, having a supportive spouse does make things easier, not harder. Laundry periodically shows up clean, lunches and dinners appear, support for long rides is available if you ask nice, and general aid in coping is there. That's not "free" of course, there's other house stuff you need to do, but most of it needs to be done even if you live alone.

    Cats pretty much live in their own world anyway, and aside from a steady supply of kitty crunchies and water, are just fine.

    Kids. How anyone ever deals with kids is just beyond me. With most adults you can negotiate, and usually come to some suitable deal. With kids it's either give in or get out the duct tape.

  5. I contemplated the duct tape at Walmart today when the little &*^% started getting at eachother....I was thinking that a nice long run or ride is way more relaxing than a trip to walmart with two kids

  6. Good job, Susi!! This is how I do it...up at 5:00am pretty much every morning and get it done before anyone is awake. I say "no" to lots and lots of stuff. I do not watch television. I get everything done the night before, laundry, lunches, breakfast etc. So if anyone ever says they can't do it cause they work and have two kids...I wanna talk to them!