Wednesday, 5 March 2008

Holy Jetlag Batman!!!

I am SO glad I got my bike workout done yesterday in the morning because by mid afternoon I had a wicket migraine and vertigo. Urgh. I have never experienced jetlag before, but I can say it's officially kicking my arse.

Not only have I got the vertigo thing going, but my sleeping is totally erratic. I tried my best not to sleep during the day so I would sleep at night. Admittedly I nodded off a bit with the headache - but not a long time!!

I was out cold at 9pm last night and slept hard for two hours. That's when I woke up abruptly with the urge to use the loo. I stood up, caught myself from falling over (stupid vertigo), then stood there in total confusion thinking 'uh, where the hell am I? and where the hell is Greg?'. LOL.

Now I realize that might sound funny, but up to the night before we'd been together 24 hrs a day for 16 days! So I guess I kind of expected him to be there because for a while there I actually thought I might be in one of the hotels! Yup, that's just how friggin out of it I was, haha.

The really weird thing was that I think I kind of new I was in my room cause I knew to go straight ahead to the loo. Even though I could figure that out, I still wasn't sure if I was in my house or the hotel, haha. So there I am sitting on the pot thinking, am I really home? Then I started worrying that I really was in a hotel and I didn't close the bathroom door and there was the chance that Greg would find me on the throne!! LOL. This whole process took about 3 minutes to go through. It was all very confusing, and strange, haha.

Finally I figured it all out and fell back asleep for a short time. I kept waking up though and finally got up at 4am. Sigh.

Needless to say my first day back at work was difficult. By 2pm I needed toothpicks for my eyes. I won't even describe the commute home for fear of worrying the parental unit.

I really wasn't sure how I was going to pull off a run tonight as I felt like Mr. Magoo. I decided that the trick would be to walk in the door, not let my arse cheeks pull me to the couch, run upstairs, change and bolt! So that's what I did.

Considering how I felt this afternoon, I actually had a really great run! I worked on my gait and integrating IG's pointers from our holiday. (No secrets here, he suggested I shorten my stride and increase my cadence.) I think I was able to that tonight. IG said the point is not to let you foot contact the surface for too long, kinda like running on hot coals. So this is what I focussed on. I found it was easy to do when running on loose gravel (of which we have an overabundance on the side of our roads from when it was snowy!) Just by listening to how my foot was landing on the gravel I could tell if I was flicking it behind me, which is good, or doing a heel strike and pushing it forward, thereby braking - not what one wants to do. All very interesting.

I should add it was also nice to run after work and have it still be light out! I could actually run on the trails and not be freaked out by bear looking garbage cans or tombstone shaped stumps! haha. (Can you say overactive imagination boys and girls?!)

I ran for an hour and a half tonight in a low zone 2 heart rate. I actually felt that I had a faster pace with my new running technique. I don't wear a Garmin so am not sure of the pace. However, I think the point is that I FELT faster so even if I wasn't, I really don't care. So there! haha.

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  1. you and i are sisters - i see bears everywhere and i live in the fricking prairies!!