Saturday, 29 March 2008

Seriously...No More Snow...

I have really had it up to 'here' with snow. I know, I know....snow is not bad. I love skiing and being in the mountains when it's all snowy. When winter hits I'm always totally stoked for it. By spring though, I've had enough. I want the warmth of the sun to run in. It didn't help that I was in a wonderfully warm country not that long ago.

I woke up this morning eager for my run. When I opened the curtains and saw the snow, my heart sank a bit. Sigh. Oh well. Time to bundle up and just get out there!

As I headed out from the rec centre parking lot I could barely see. I had to keep blinking because I was being pelted with very small, hard little snowflakes. Ow! To avoid losing an eye, I pulled my toque down so low over my eyes I looked like a 'home girl'. Well, with the exception of my pigtails hanging out. Yo, yo, yo! Sup?! LOL.

As I turned onto the path I was amazed at how much ice had been pushed up onto the shore, it was nuts. At least there was a higher path I could follow until I got to the paved section. From there it was smooth sailing.

At one point I tried to count my foot strikes. I was aiming for 90 per foot in one minute. I got to about 85. I found that if I increased my cadence, my heart rate would follow. As I was supposed to hold it in zone 2 I decided just to stick with the 85.

The run was uneventful for the most part. It was still nice though. Cold, windy and winterlike, but peaceful.

When I got back to the rec centre I decided to see if the snack bar outside the hockey rink had fruit so I could have a snack before hitting the gym. Usually it's dead in there, but today as I walked in with my 'home girl' toque, my fluroescent yellow jacket and tights on there seem to be a million and one hockey parents. (They were having a fundraising auction). It seemed they were all looking at me. I was actually getting some odd looks as I walked by. Huh. Apparantly running in the snow isn't their thing?? LOL.

I haven't been in the gym in a while and I felt it. I was strong for the first few sets, but then weakened pretty soon after. Rats. It's amazing how fast you can lose it! I did manage 1.75 pull ups though! No matter how much I flung my legs in the air as though trying to find something to stand on, I could not finish it off to get a full second pull up. Drat. Gotta keep at it!

Tomorrow will be the official start to my build to IMCDA. I'm both excited and a little shocked. Shocked because it means that IMCDA is getting closer. Last year training seemed to drag on because I had till the end of August - this year it's going at light speed. I feel equally prepared and unprepared for it right now. I know that will slowly change though...

Peace out my friends.


  1. ha ha..the hockey parent thing makes me chuckle...I went for groceries to the Superstore once after a run...yeah, the looks!!

  2. yeah - run clothes and the mall doesn;t work well either

    Susi - I am looking forward to watching you build into the last phase - whoo hoo!!!