Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Dusk to Dark...

There are certain times when I find going out for a run can be thought of as ‘special’. Going for a run along the wooded trails in the rain and watching the raindrops falling from the brim of my ball cap, off leaves and trees; or running in the snow and being surrounded by big, fluffy snowflakes; running along a country road in the spring and feeling the sun warm and inviting on my face.

Tonight turned out to be another special run. I had a long day at work so I didn’t actually make it out the door until after 7:30 pm. This is not usual for me; I prefer to run at an earlier time so I don’t have to rush eating, getting my swim gear ready for the morning and being able to get to bed at an early enough time.

When I first headed out I was a little miffed at the late hour, but then I started to take a look around me. As I was running, I noticed the light of the day had started to fade and the moon was becoming more visible.

I ran along the trail that followed the river, also known as ‘My Happy Place’. When I turned along the path and started heading west again I was met with a beautiful sky in shades of blue, white, orange and pink. The trees and houses were already in silhouette. The streetlamps and the lights from the houses were slowly flickering on so I start could make out the individual neighborhoods.

I turned to run back eastwards and saw the semi-trailers going over the bridge with all their brilliant orange lights dotting the side of the trucks. The moon was playing peek-a-boo from behind the clouds. More streetlamps were on now and some of the light from them were reflected like shimmering lights in the rippling river.

Bright white patches of remaining snow were being revealed in amongst the trees and bushes.

By the time I was near the end of my run, the last remaining rays of daylight had dipped below the horizon and darkness had arrived. I ran along the pathway, in behind the houses and slowly, one by one, my running body triggered all the motion detector lights in the backyards. It was as if I was the star of a Broadway show!

I had started out the run wishing I had gone out earlier, but I ended the run grateful that I had the opportunity to watch the world transform from dusk to dark in all it’s glory.

Peace out my friends!

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  1. Susi - that sounds like just the kind of run you might have needed :)