Monday, 10 March 2008

Ray of Light...

As I sat in cubicle hell at work, where nary a ray of sunshine doth cross my path, I thought to myself...aaaah, won't it be nice to go for a run after work and soak up the last of the days sunshiny rays.

Alas, by the time I got home the wind had picked up and the clouds had moved in. Oh well, it was still warm, relatively speaking. At any rate I got home, donned my running duds, put my hair up in a cute ponytail that would merrily dance as I ran and off I went.

As I ran along the red rock path I found myself 'chasing' a wee squirrel. Well, ok, not chasing as the little guy sure had more speed than I did, so lets just say I was running behind mr. squirrel. It was hard not to laugh at him as his teeny butt was going up and down as he ran with his front two feet leaping, and then his back two feet leaping alternately. Why I found this funny, I know not. I just did. So I laughed. Evantually he ran off the path. I think my laughing must have ticked him off because when I was running on my way back I was chirped at quite vigorously by a squirrel in the trees. I have a feeling he wasn't saying 'have a great run Suse!'. haha.

Well, that's all I have to post for tonights blog. What can I say. The IGP called for a 45 minute EZ run with strides. So that's what I did. I ran. For 45 minutes. Easy. Even though I live at the top of a loooong hill. I ran. Easy. End of story. Now go write your own blog.

Peace out my friends.


  1. hey - do you ever try to swing your ponytail so you can see it in your own shadow swinging merryily behind you? Chuck thought that was odd...i think you know my game.

  2. uh ya! why else would one wear a ponytail if they couldn't play shadow games?! sheesh.

    although i am partial to my braids as sometimes when i do the ponytail thing i end up with a non merrily bouncing rat's nest...

  3. Sadly I chopped all my hair off a few weeks ago so I cannot play with my ponytail anymore! I miss my pigtails.

    You can french braid! I totally failed that badge in brownies.

  4. i can't even sideways braid my own hair. I when i do, i look silly. It doesn't seem to suit my big ass round head all that