Wednesday, 5 March 2008

The Plank Challenge...

Okay, so in catching up on some blogs I noticed Julie's post about holding the plank for an unGodly amount of time (btw - awesome job dude!). So I got to thinking....we tri geek bloggers should do a challenge.

Here's what I propose:

Once a week (or more if you should choose) we hold a front plank and a side plank (each side) and time ourselves as Julie did! Each week we will post our times and see how we do. (Extra points for those who have a cat or dog standing on their bod as they do this too!)

Now this isn't about challenging Julie or anyone else (feel free to though, haha), but rather about challenging ourselves to beat our own times and to do this a minimum of once a week!

Even though it's a challenge, there are no losers as we will all win at having kick ass core strength.

So, all those in favour of signing up for the plank challenge say 'EDDIE VEDDER IS GOD!!'. LOL.

Oh, and for those who really want a challenge - feel free to add chinups to your weekly goal!


  1. Front and side plank. Somebody is going to have to explain these to me before I commit.

  2. count me in for the challenge...

  3. i'm in and i can currently hold a shaky plank (front plank) for about 8 seconds I SUCK!

  4. well we can't have 'i don't know what these are so can't do them' as an excuse now can we?!

    go to:
    to see how it's done!

    and you guys didn't say the magic words 'EDDIE VEDDER IS GOD!!!' LOL.

  5. Just reading the plank stuff is enough to get me well on the way to the retaste zone. Tonight after my spin, I'll get a bucket and try each, and then think about committing.

    Umm, who is Eddie Vedder anyway? An ironman famous for his abs?

  6. Eddie Vedder is totally GOD!!!! Frig -- I remember the heady years of '93-'95 -- My hair was pink and Pearl Jam ruled my universe! Dissident is on my playlist! LOL!!

    Hey Jenna -- everybody shakes doing plank -- it's just a matter of when you start to rock and roll. Mine kicks in around 1:45 min. I get a few spasms, my face starts to quiver and I take a few deep breaths hoping people in the gym aren't looking at me like WTF??LOL!! Oh yeah -- there is nothing like a full body earthquake in plank!! Here's to our improved core fitness!! Good idea Susi!! :) :) :)

  7. Eddie Vedder is a GOD!

    Count me in! I love group activites!

  8. i had purple, pink, blue, and white hair!! not to mention a mohawk, haha. that was more the 80's though.

    keith, i'm going to have to send you some pearl jam. sigh. haha. oh, and you are in on this contest sweetpea whether you like it or not, haha. NO TRYOUTS!

    julie, have you heard the soundtrack to 'into the wild'? it's all eddie and SO good!

  9. oohh! I haven't heard that yet -- I'll have to check it out!!