Thursday, 18 October 2007


It was a swim day today - YAY!!! First up on the schedule an 800 m warmup. This time it was SKPD - 50 m swim, 50 m kick, 50 m pull buoy, and 50 m drill (alternating zipper and six-kick).

During the swim it was time to work on my catch. I need to keep my elbows up more, sigh. Also, when I take a breath I still seem to be exposing most of my face rather than keeping my head halfway in the water. Go figure, I like oxygen! haha.

Then we got right into 3/5/7/9(!!!!) stroke breathing. Last time I had troubles getting to 7 strokes without desperately gasping for air! Jen suggested not holding our breath but rather figuring out the rate to slowly exhale. We got to use the pull buoys for this one, phew! We were to do 4 x 25m for each of them.

Suprisingly enough, I DID IT!!! I still can't believe I was able to take 9 strokes before having to breathe. Okay, I'll admit it - my ninth stroke was really quick, haha, but the rest were nice calm slow strokes. It's actually a great way to focus on your technique - kind of takes your mind off the fact that you are on the verge of dying....kidding!

Lastly we worked on sculling. First up was above the head. I find sculling highly amusing, cause really, you go nowhere fast. For some reason I always end up stuck along the ropes. I mean, I'm kinda like those little tub toys with the fins that always end up against the side of the tub waving their little flippers and going nowhere! I kind of cheated at one point and just pulled my self ahead and away from the ropes, haha. We then did sculling at the side, down low, then up high to down low. Tons of fun!

I was also having fun teasing Maureen and accusing her of cheating cause she's really fast doing this!! The really funny thing was Jen actually thought I was being serious. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA. SUCKAAH.

The very last drill had to be the most fun. Get this....we were to lie on our backs with our wee toes pointed to the other end of the pool and our hands stretched above our head. THEN we were supposed do the scull thing above our head. I seriously wish someone had a video camera on us. Maureen was off in a flash, the gal is a natural! I on the other hand had a little bit more trouble....why is this not surprising?!

So I 'assumed the position' and the next thing you know, BWOOOP! my body starts to flip over before I can do the little flick-flick with my hands. Well what the??? So I try again - and it happens again! What can I say - it would appear my bootie is more buoyant than my boobies! LOL. I FINALLY got going albeit slowly, and on a bit of an angle....hmmm... I kept ending up with my feet tangled in the ropes. Thankfully no one was swimming in that lane! At least we only had to do this for 25 m!

Even though this was a tricky and slow swim - it was actually awesome for the core and working on balance. I gotta hand it to Jen - she sure knows how to make swim class a blast!!!

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