Thursday, 11 October 2007

Drills, Drills and More Drills!!!

Well, I tried to go to the gym yesterday, I really did. Then I remembered, it's 'off season'. I don't HAVE to do anything. I only have a few months where I don't have a schedule to follow and can just do things that I feel like doing. So - I didn't go. Probably a good intestines starting bugging me...YET AGAIN! sigh.

Anyways, there are two things I did sign up for to do during the off season, swim and bike classes. I'm really glad I did too because I'm quite enjoying them, even if I kind of HAVE to go, haha.

This morning, as with every Thursday morning, was swim class. We started off with a 'skip' session. In other words swim/kick/pull. We did 3 x 50 m of them. I'm feeling a lot stronger in my swim, even with my shoulders being a little weaker than I wish them to be. Hmmm...perhaps I shouldn't have missed that gym workout!

Next up was 25 m of catch drill and 25 m of zipper drill. I'm trying to remember how many of these we did...but can't. Hmmmm.... The last drill we did was 25 m swimming with fists (this one is great for really feeling the water when you pull) and 25 m of six kick drill. We did many lengths of this one too, haha! I think I was concentrating a lot on the actual drill and just followed the feet in front so now don't remember how know what, I think we did 200 m of each. That doesn't seem like that many though?? Ah well. We did them, haha.

Lastly we did 5 x 200 m swim on 2:30 starts. We all know how bad I am with timing when I'm swimming, so I was very glad to have someone in front of me....I would get to the wall then just wait 10 seconds after they started swimming. Heh heh, ya, I'm bad!

Of course through the last bit I was practicing my was not a good day for them. I seem to be rolling more and missing the wall. Dammit! Will really have to work on these more. haha.

For a cooldown, and to bring my heartrate down a bit, I just floated on my back and kicked. I LOVE that feeling of just floating along in the water. Your ears are under the water so I couldn't hear anything - it's sooo peaceful and relaxing. I could float along like that forever! They were playing salsa like music in the pool so as I floated I pretended I was somewhere tropical, just floating along in the ocean.....

Things that make you go aaaaaaaaaahhh.....


  1. "Lastly we did 5 x 200 m swim on 2:30 starts." Holy F-ing crap Susi!!!!! That is amazingly fast. That's a 50 m in 37.5 seconds pace!!! I can, just barely, once, swim 50 m in just over 40 seconds. I'd probably have a heart attack if I tried to swim 100 m at that pace. Let alone 200 m, let alone do it 5x. I'm really, really happy I didn't sign up for this session. You go girl!

  2. Hmmmm...maybe it was 100 m in 2:30 starts??? I really should start paying attention, tee hee.

  3. 100 m in 2:30 starts is much more reasonable. Dare I say, relaxing even.

  4. okay, i take that back, it had to have been 200 m - cause it didn't feel 'relaxing...' LOL.