Monday, 1 October 2007

Ugbh...I'b Sick...

It's official...I'm sick. Head cold. AARRRGGHHHHH!!! There are three people that I will blame for this agony I am now in....and you know who you are, haha.

It all started yesterday. I was having lunch with my friends Keith and Linda when I started to feel an itch in my throat. Hmm...perhaps I just needed some water? Next up - the insides of my ears started to itch. Oh oh, that's never a good sign. My nose started to feel stuffed and there was a slight ache in my frontal lobe. Also, I was having to go pee every 10 body's way of trying to flush out whatever illness I have. Shite! I HATE colds.

I was being a social butterfly yesterday and catching up with friends, so after lunch I headed to my friends Mary and Todds for supper. (A hearty congratulations to them for their recent engagement!) I really hope I didn't leave you with the gift of a cold, haha. That said, Kelly was there too and I'm sure she's one of the culprits that gave me this nasty cold. So we can just blame her, muahahaaaaa.

By the time I got home last night I felt pretty crappy. I thought I'd make myself a cup of Neo Citran and hit the sack. Unfortunately, I must have been delerious the last time I made it because although there was a Neo C box in the was empty!! What the f***?! I thought about going to the Shoppers to get more but I felt like crud so just went to bed....I would regret this decision come morning....

I didn't sleep fitfully last night, likely because every time I swallowed my throat burned and my nose was just jammed. Ow.

At some point early this morning I fell asleep. When I woke up my throat was raw, and there was a constant pounding in my frontal lobe. I think the cold fairy snuck into my room last night and injected my sinuses with lead too. My head feels like it's ready to fall off. DAMMIT!!! Oh and remember how my upper body was achy yesterday from weights?? Well the second day pain has been exacerbated by the achiness my body feels. Double ow.

It was at that moment I realized that although I felt like shite last night....I really should have gone to Shoppers, cause I feel even worse this morning and I really, really, really need some lemony hot help. I willed myself to get out of bed, remove my flannel pj bottoms and throw on jeans. My coat would hide the rest. Off I went to Shoppers. I wonder if I should have been driving when I could barely hold my lead filled head up...

While there I decided I needed very powerful vitamins, they would help, I'm sure of it. Next up was orange juice. I should point out that if you are one to buy orange juice...only buy Tropicana orange juice. It actually is fresh from oranges (hence the due date). The other stuff out there has lost all it's vitaminy goodness by the time it gets to us! Usually I buy 'pulp free', but they had none. So I went with the pulp, I think thats where some of the nutrients are anyways and right now I needed lots of vitamin C! Lastly, my I got my Neo C.

You may wonder why I'm so hung up on the Neo C. Well, I'll tell ya....I tend to have very bad reactions to Sudafin, which is used in most cold and allergy medicines. If I take it I feel very very ill and dizzy. If I turn my head too quickly I see streams of light as all the images I've glanced by try to catch up. Not fun. Neo C doesn't have this stuff in it so I can actually take it. Oh, and the other thing is I'm very sensitive to meds, a trait I inherited from my Granny. So things that say 'may cause drowsiness' will knock me into a 12 hour coma. haha.

When I got to the counter at Shoppers the very friendly cashier looked into my watery eyes and said 'And how are you this morning?!' in an ever chipper voice. I looked at my pile of vitamins, orange juice and Neo Citran, and then looked at her (hoping for some sympathy cause I don't have a Mummy here) and said 'I'b sick.'. Of course I got the sympathetic response I wanted. Hey, you gotta get it from somewhere!! haha.

I then climbed back into my car and made my way home. Even doing this took almost all the energy I had in me.

When I got home I made some oatmeal for brekkie - afterall I need calories to fight this stupid cold. I took a vitamin and chased it with some yummy orange juice. I've now finished my Neo C and have only a few minutes to write this before I fall into a lemony hot coma....

At some point here I've realized was one thing I forgot to pick up...Kleenex. Therefore I sit here now with a strand of toilet paper hanging out of each nostril to try and stop the constant drip. It's a lovely sight, I promise.

I can feel the grog coming on....better sign off before I................................


  1. poor thing!! Rest and get well and please post a picture of you with your nostrils jammed with TP. i am having trouble with the visuals ....

  2. I second the request for a picture. I'm having trouble with the visuals as well. AND IT'S NOT MY FAULT SHE GOT A COLD. I didn't have one then, and I don't have one now. Get well soon.