Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Even My Body Rejects The Breaststroke!!!

Back in the water I was this fine morning! The bod is pretty low on energy these days as I'm still battling all my GI issues. Is there such thing as a gut transplant cause I'm almost at wits end with this!! All the same, I love being in the pool so figured I'd give it a go and see how I feel.

So how did I feel?? Well, after the 300 m warm-up I was pooped. Not a good sign. Sigh. Ah well, I was there and going to do my best. I was thinking that maybe the soothing feel of gliding through the water would help me feel better?!

Sadly, there was to be no soothing gliding feel for a while, haha. Instead, our always encouraging and enthusiastic coach Jen wanted us to give the old breaststroke kick a try again. I promise, I tried to make her proud!! Unfortunately, no matter how hard I tried my body just wanted to sink to the bottom of the pool. Well, that or get tangled up in the ropes, haha. I'm pretty sure if someone videotaped me I'd win first prize on 'America's Funniest Home Videos'.

The exercise was to hold our hands behind our backs, drop our hips by arching our backs, raise our heads out of the water, touch our feet to our hands, then propel ourselves forward with a large swooping kick of the legs. You think think that's complicated to read - TRY DOING IT!!! LOL.

I dance like Shakira for crying out loud! I have got back! I should be able to do this drop hip-arch back move and yet when I try it, I barely get my head out of the water, and my kick moves me approximately 2 mm. You think I kid?? I have witnesses! It's sad. Ever so sad. At the same time it's highly amusing for all around me. Especially when I move myself 2 mm forward, then with the next kick manage to snag myself in the ropes. I honestly have no idea how I managed it, but I did. I'm like a friggin magnet to the ropes! It's a good thing I don't embarass easily or I would have just hung out at the bottom of the pool waiting for everyone to leave, haha.

After that fun, we got the chance to put the kick together with the stroke. Gulp! I can do this! Maybe, just maybe if I have the stroke going the kick will magically happen??? Off I went to try things out, but alas, my body rejected this particular stroke. My shoulders are still weak (I'm still trying to strengthen them with weights) so when I tried to do the stroke, my shoulder would pop. Not a good thing. I told Jen about it and she was kind enough to let me do the backstroke instead. Yay! I tried to keep my enthusiasm for getting out of the breaststroke on the down-low...

Now all I had to worry about was coordinating my nose exhale with the large splash that I would create, haha.

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