Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Oh Shiiiiite!!!

I went out for a half hour run today and dragged, yes dragged, my roomie Cam out too. Do we all remember Cam? He's my coworker/buddy/roomie who quit smoking and took up running in August? And then I went away to IMC and while not under my keen eye....he stopped running and started smoking again. Sigh...Bad Cam, Bad!!!

Anyways, he says he wants to quit and enjoyed running so I figured I'd take him out to the trails as it's beautiful running in there and a good motivator! The first part was along a rock pathway up to the Ranchehouse. Then up some hilly bits. I don't think Cam liked that part...however, I was in my element!

As I always mention, I get an extra bounce in my step when trail running. I thrive off of trail running!!

Today that extra bounce came in handy...

As I was leaping down some rather steep, sort of stairs, of varying height and depth, made with dirt one wood plank and railway foot/shoe got caught on one of said railway I was in mid leap... Did I mention how steep this section is??? Or that I was sideways mid leap when this occurred!! I have no idea how I didn't take a nose dive. If I did I would have dropped about four feet. However, I somehow landed with one foot sort of on the next step down, managed to unhook my foot at the same time then jump to the next step seeing as how I still had momentum going down. Yes, all sideways.

I'm pretty sure I was as pale as a GHOST (fitting description as it's my favourite holiday...Halloween!). A small squeak escaped my mouth as all this occurred then expletives as I retold what happened to Cam, who'd been in front of me. My entire triathlon career, if you want to call it that, flashed before my eyes! Holy crap I could have really hurt myself!!

All I can say is thank Mother Nature that I am an agile Ninja Princess with amazing reflexes!!! Those many years of martial arts definitley paid off today. Phew!!!

The rest of the run was fairly uneventful, thankfully. We ran along by the little creek, hopping over rocks, leaping over roots, sliding in mud, crunching through leaves and weaving through trees. Along the way I vaguely remember hearing Cam rambling on about lungs bleeding, smoking, cancer and what not. I chose not to acknowledge. Silly boy. Like that's going to convince me you can stop for a break. Hell no! This is what you get when you say you are going to quit smoking and start running and then while I'm away giving my all at IMC you start up again. Feel the shame Cam...feel the shame..... MUAHAHAAAAAAAAA!!!



  1. That was a bit of a scare! I'm glad it came out ok.

    And now you know my dirty little secret. I'm afraid that if I backslide, I'll get a "feel the shame".