Saturday, 13 October 2007

Horses and Cows and Deer, OH MY!!!

I met up with Les and Teresa this morning for our Saturday run. Teresa came into Cochrane this time, which was really cool. Les wanted to take her along the Towers Trail route. This time of year it's absolutely gorgeous. Blue skies and the view of a long line of snow covered mountains. Simply breathtaking!

Of course I'm continuing my run/HR experiment. Was totally geared up with HRM and Garmin. First thing I noticed was I was keeping up with the girls...and my heart rate wasn't that high. Hmmm...this was different from last weekend. I kept looking at my HR and pace as we ran along, and sure enough, I was faster than last week.

Let's not get too excited about this yet though.....last week I was just finishing off my sinus cold. I'm sure we all remember that lovely picture I posted while I had my cold.... (Never dare me to do anything I tell ya!!) Anyways, I think that's why my HR was higher last week then this week. And why I had to run a slower pace to keep it low.

So we started out running along the river then made our way to 'the Hill'. Well one of the 'the Hills' out here. haha. I started running up it, but had to stop and walk a little to keep my HR down. Teresa was in the lead, and Les was behind her. (She's also watching her HR.) Too bad there wasn't someone taking photos of us going up the hill because at one point the photo would have captured me walking behind Les by about a meter....Les walk/running behind Teresa by a couple of meters, and Teresa running up the hill a couple of meters behind a DEER who was also running up the hill!!!

It was WILD!! Les turned to me with this big smile saying 'Deer!'. It was sooo awesome. The deer finally clued in to the little procession behind her and jumped over the guardrail into the trees. I don't think I can say enough how much I love living here!

Once up to the top we were rewarded with the view of the mountain range and farmers fields. This is a great run - I highly recommend it. We weren't up there too long as we were only doing 1.5 hours today. When we turned around we could see, off in the distance, a wall of neon yellow running jackets. haha. It was quite the sight!! (Not as cool as the deer though.) The running club, of which we also belong to and also own neon yellow jackets from, was out in full force this morning. They were behind us because we started out a half hour earlier. We all shouted greetings and said we'd meet up at the cafe.

We made our way back to the cafe saying hullo to all the cows and the one horse that were in the fields. They were snobbish and didn't say hullo back though. Hmpff.

So I managed to keep my heart rate around 135-140 bpm this run. My pace varied due to the hills, but I would say my average was about 6:45 min/km. Pretty good I think. I will use this as my 'baseline' rather than the 7:30 min/km from last week.

After a brief stint in the cafe to chit chat and savour some tea, I headed off to the gym. I had a great leg workout last night so was heading in to do an upper body workout. I didn't get there earlier this week, but still felt that I'm progressively getting stronger. My shoulder is clicking less as well. A very good sign.

I should say, there was almost an 'incident' in the gym. The only reason there wasn't was because I am a peace, love and granola girl and luckily don't get snooty, LOL. What happened you ask? Well I'll tell ya....

So I go to do some incline press....and I notice there is a towel with a post-it note, hanging over the bar. I need not look to far to find, whom I believe, the owner of said towel is. A shorter fellow wearing a stylin' camoflauge tank top and running shorts, lifting very very big weights. Of course he had the requisite weight belt on too. (Rolling eyes here...) I asked politely, before he started in on his set, whether or not this was indeed his towel and may I remove it so I could use the bench press. Well, I got this look thrown at me like 'Uhm, I'm working out here, how dare you interrupt me and I should be allowed to put my towel WHEREVER I want, but FINE, I'll move it.' I shite you not, that's the look I got!

I gotta tell ya, it was on the tip of my tongue to say, 'Oh no you didn just throw me that look! Do NOT make me come over there and open up a can of whoop-ass on you little man cause I soooo will!'. 'Oh, and I have better looking biceps, so NAH!' But of course, I just smiled sweetly, thanked him, then proceed to workout.

I swear.... the nerve of some people! LOL.

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